Imran Khan facing Removal as Pakistan’s Prime Minister?

Imran Khan is facing his biggest political challenge as a vote of no-confidence means he could be removed as Pakistan’s Prime Minister.

Imran Khan facing Removal as Pakistan's Prime Minister?

"Our wish is for the judgment to be given by the supreme court"

The fate of the Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan, is in jeopardy as opposition figures are attempting to oust him from office.

Politicians presented a no-confidence vote against the former cricketer on March 3, 2022, which questioned his ability to carry on leading the country.

In the period leading up to the vote, Khan said he was the target of a conspiracy to remove him, headed by the US.

He pleaded that the opposition was aided by foreign powers because he refused to stand with the US on issues against Russia and China.

The US has maintained there is no truth in this and they are uninvolved in the matter.

Although the opposition was motivated by the hopes that they would have the majority of support on their side, Khan’s own party blocked the vote.

They in turn accused the PM of ‘treason’ and submitted a petition to the Supreme Court in order to figure out if this act was legal.

But, why is this happening? Imran Khan was elected in 2018 on the back of a campaign aimed to fix the economy.

However, Pakistan’s inflation has soared and there is an increasing amount of foreign debt tainting the prime minister’s popularity.

Additionally, Imran Khan’s corroding relationship with the military is also another factor in his downfall.

He refused to sign off on a new chief for one of Pakistan’s powerful intelligence agencies in October 2021. This was perceived as a major weakness in his character.

Therefore, a number of his partners were persuaded to turn their back on Khan, obliterating the number of allies he once had.

The Supreme Court now has the task of deciding whether the blocking of the vote was unconstitutional.

If so, then the no-confidence vote will go ahead again and Khan will be removed as prime minister.

Although, if they decide the block was sound, then it will be a minor victory for Khan. But he will then have to form an interim government.

This will then organise elections within the next 90 days but there is no assurance that the prime minister will win.

Marriyum Aurangzeb, an opposition spokesperson, revealed:

“Our wish is for the judgment to be given by the supreme court bench as soon as possible.

“Every minute and every second the judgment is not coming is an additional burden not only on the constitution but on the entire governance framework.”

Journalist and political analyst, Nusrat Javed, emphasised this point, explaining:

“The court would have given the immediate relief if they have thought there has been a violation of the constitution.”

Now, the Pakistan population and Imran Khan await what the Supreme Court decide on March 5, 2022.

If they do rule in favour of the opposition and the no-confidence vote is upheld, Khan will be another Pakistan Prime Minister to never have completed a full five-year term.

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