How Mo Salah dealt with Man who Robbed his Family

The family of Mo Salah was robbed. However, the way in which the Liverpool star dealt with the person who robbed his family has attracted attention.

How Mo Salah dealt with Man who Robbed his Family f

"While Salah was playing in Alexandria, his family were robbed."

Liverpool’s Mo Salah is one of the club’s most popular players especially since he helped them to their sixth Champions League trophy.

While his on-field heroics are often talked about, his off-field antics are just as superb.

One incident involved Salah’s nice treatment towards a burglar who robbed his family. The incident happened while he was still playing in Egypt for El Mokawloon.

The thief, who was a security guard, stole £30,000 from Salah’s father’s car. When he was caught, Salah Hamed Ghali was going to press charges until his footballer son stepped in.

It is believed that Mo Salah gave the thief some money to turn his life around.

Football writer Jack Sear narrated the story of Salah forgiving the thief.

“While Salah was playing in Alexandria, his family were robbed. The thief was caught a couple of days later and it was the intention of Salah’s father to press charges.

“When his son heard what happened, however, he asked him to drop the case.

“What happened next gives you the biggest insight of all into his character, as Salah gave the thief some money to get his life up and running and tried to help him find a job.”

It is said that the Liverpool forward gave the thief £1,000.

A friend said: “It’s typical of Mo.”

The 27-year-old is an icon throughout Egypt who wants to give everyone a chance to better themselves.

Former assistant manager of Egypt’s national team, Mahmoud Fayez, said that Salah’s character has been uniting the nation.

He said: “He is doing an extraordinary job. He is a superstar but he lives as a simple person.

“He uses his abilities to serve his country and you can see what it means to him when he sings the national anthem.”

Meanwhile, Salah’s character has not only been an inspiration to his country but also in Liverpool.

His status as a fan favourite has united the city and has helped reduce Islamaphobia by more than 18%.

Research has also revealed that racist tweets by Liverpool fans have decreased by almost 50% as compared to other big clubs in the Premier League.

Mo Salah and the rest of the Liverpool team are coming off the success of the Champions League. They plan on challenging for the Premier League again when they kick off the 2019/2020 campaign against Norwich.

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