How Mia Khalifa felt Speaking at Oxford Student Union

Mia Khalifa shared how she felt about her appearance at Oxford Student Union to speak about boundaries, confidence and her life experiences.

How Mia Khalifa felt Speaking at Oxford Student Union f

"I’m humbled and inspired by your passion"

Mia Khalifa is a celebrity who has used her adult star past to shape her present in a very positive way.

She does not shy away from making statements she wholeheartedly believes in. She did this very thing during her speech at Oxford Student Union.

Dressed in a beige outfit which was an ensemble of a jacket, a white shirt, a burgundy tie and a corset all combined into one in a trendy way, Khalifa made her appearance at the Oxford Student Union on May 4, 2023.

Khalifa wanted to make her visit memorable and shared some moments of her visit and speech on her Instagram.

Videos and photos of her, show her delighted to be at the event and is shown in one video marvelled at the library location she visits.

In her Instagram post, Khalifa provided an insight into her feelings about doing the speech at such a prestigious university campus, saying:

“Yesterday speaking to the Oxford Student Union was one of those life experiences where I was fully aware of how lucky I was to be living it the entire time and trying my best not to let a singular moment go for granted…thank you so much to the @theoxfordunion for the opportunity to speak at such an historic building and organization.

“I’m humbled and inspired by your passion to instill genuine change in the world and for curating such a diverse list of speakers at your union.

“What you do is incredible and important and I’m honored to have been on your floor.

“The imposter syndrome was REAL even though I was there to talk about boundaries and confidence and my life experiences, for which you can judge all you want, but I’m at Oxford for the what I’ve done with my life since then.

“And thank you to @dilarafindikoglu for dressing me in my DREAM uni fit, I felt like I belonged at Gryffindor house at Oxford.”

Mia Khalifa Oxford Student Union Outfit

After some fun exchanges with the host, in her opening speech at her appearance on the stage in front of the students, Khalifa said:

“Hello. How are you? Wow! It’s an honour to be here.

“Is the Oxford karma in the room with us? (which triggered laughter from the audience)

“I’m a huge fan. Wow, this is a very nerve-wracking experience for me.”

“This is a room full of young, intelligent people and I’m here to talk about boundaries to people who have amazing heads on their shoulders.

“So, it’s a little intimidating, I feel like I’ll never be in a position to make that choice in the way you have as you have done incredible things with your life to start out with.

“Thank you for coming here to see me.”

Mia Khalifa Oxford Student Union Speech

Intrigued Oxford University students were in attendance eager to hear what the former-adult star had to about boundaries and lifestyle choices.

There was rapturous applause for Mia Khalifa by everyone attending the event after her speech and interview with the host at the Oxford Student Union.

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Courtesy of Mia Khalifa Instagram

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