Hania Aamir opens up about her Bond with Badshah

Hania Aamir and Badshah have been spotted together numerous times. The actress has finally opened up about their bond.

Hania Aamir opens up about her Bond with Badshah f

“I didn't connect with him just because he's a celebrity"

Hania Aamir garnered significant attention after her meetings with Indian singer Badshah came to light.

The two celebrities crossed paths on multiple occasions in Dubai, sparking widespread interest in their interactions.

Discussing her rumoured relationship with Badshah, Hania praised his song ‘God Damn’ and said:

“No, it’s a great song. I sometimes think my only problem is that I’m not married.

“If I was I would be away from so many of these rumours.”

She shed light on how their connection began.

Hania recalled: “It was a surprise to learn from my friend that Badshah had commented on one of my Instagram reels.

“When I checked, I saw his message and our conversation on Instagram began from there.

Although Hania Aamir refrained from disclosing who initiated the direct message, she described their interaction as “quite different”.

She emphasised that she was drawn to Badshah’s friendly demeanour rather than his celebrity status.

Hania elaborated: “I didn’t connect with him just because he’s a celebrity; it was because he came across as a genuinely cool and down-to-earth person, and our interaction was really enjoyable.”

Hania went on to praise Badshah’s character, stating:

“Badshah is an amazing friend, and beyond his public image, he’s a compassionate and unpretentious individual.

“His authenticity is what makes our friendship work so well.

“He even keeps tabs on me and checks in if I haven’t posted any Instagram reels, showing he genuinely cares.”

When asked about her popularity in India, Hania Aamir expressed gratitude and humility. She said:

“It’s not unusual at all; I’ve always sensed a strong bond between Indians and Pakistanis.

“It’s difficult to not feel a sense of affection for each other!”

“While I wish I could meet my fans face-to-face and express my appreciation, I’ve been able to connect with them outside of Pakistan, and we share a truly heart-warming connection.”

Her fans are delighted for Hania as her friendship grows with Badshah.

A user wrote: “Happy for her to have found a friend in him.”

Another added: “Their friendship is so cute and so pure.”

However, others were quick to criticise Hania Aamir.

A user said: “Hania seems so intimidated and nervous. She disappointed us all.”

One commented: “She is feeling proud of this friendship as if people view it as something good. You only seem more vulgar now Hania.”

Another said: “Hania Aamir feels validated after getting attention from an Indian male.”

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