Gujarat Man to Marry Two Women in India

Sunjay Dhagda from Gujarat in India will be marrying two women at the same time. One of the women also is the mother of his three children.

Gujarat Man to Marry Two Women in India f

Both women agreed to marry Sanjay.

A man from Gujarat in India, Sanjay Dhagda, will be marrying not one but two women at the same time in a very unusual relationship scenario.

Dhagda who is an orphan and runs a rickshaw to earn a living met the first bride, named Baby, about 10 years ago. She works in a company located in Gujarat.

The pair then developed a relationship, moved in together without marrying and started a live-in relationship. They went onto to have three children.

Sanjay then was offered a job to work in a school in addition to him running a rickshaw, where he met Reena. He fell for her and they began a relationship soon after.

Reena is the second bride-to-be.

Reena agreed to move into the same house as Baby and the children. Therefore, Dhagda was openly in relationships with both women within the household.

Sanjay has said that all three of his children when they went to school were getting taunted by other kids about us not being married and living together.

Seeing the children getting the grief and also now growing up to understand what was going on around them, prompted them to make the decision to get married. Both women agreed to marry Sanjay.

The relationship domestically works in the way that Reena looks after the household while Baby and Sanjay work.

They have fixed the date of April 22, 2019, to have the marriage ceremony with the children as the guests.

After the wedding, they will continue living their lives as they have been.

This odd marriage has attracted a lot of attention.

However, police have confirmed that these kind of marriages in the more rural areas of Gujarat in India are actually pretty common. Where many couples have live-in relationships and children prior to marriage.

They say that lack of money and very low incomes result in many couples living together in these areas of Gujarat. Because they are not able to afford marriages immediately.

The marriages often then take place after these couples have had children, and then such marriages have the children present as guests at their weddings.

A concept which would not be alien in the west when it comes to civil relationships and having children out of wedlock.

However, in India where marriage generally is the most centric aspect of life and an act normalised before having children, these kind of weddings are rare, especially, when one man is to marry two women at the same time.

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