Birthday Party in India results in 45 Coronavirus Cases

A birthday party was held in Hyderabad, India. However, the special occasion resulted in 45 people contracting Coronavirus.

Birthday Party in India results in 45 Coronavirus Cases f

"Both the shop owners contracted the virus from workers"

There were 45 new Coronavirus cases in Hyderabad after a birthday party was thrown by a shop owner.

As well as the 45 positive cases, there were also 15 containment clusters in LB Nagar, which has now become a hotspot for Coronavirus in Hyderabad.

The shop owner, who lives in Saroornagar, threw the party for his friend, another shop owner, in Vanasthalipuram, which led to the spread of the virus.

It was reported that the party guests contracted the virus from the shop owner. He had contracted COVID-19 from a worker.

There had been just two containment clusters in LB Nagar. Following the birthday party on May 9, 2020, the number of clusters increased to 15.

Among the 45 new cases, the families of the two shop owners made up 25 of the cases.

An official for Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) said:

“Both the shop owners contracted the virus from workers at Malakpet Gunj.

“Both of them are family friends and visit each other’s houses. Some of their family members had fever and soon, the virus spread to the rest of the families after the birthday party.”

On May 9, GHMC commissioner DS Lokesh Kumar visited LB Nagar to monitor the situation.

Sodium hypochlorite solution was sprayed on the streets of Vanasthalipuram and Saroornagar. Officials also searched for the primary contacts of the positive cases.

A GHMC official explained: “Those who have tested positive have been sent to hospital. A probe is underway to identify the primary contacts.”

GHMC had previously decided that self-isolation would be better rather than sealing off the area. However, they changed their mind and barricaded LB Nagar.

The official added:

“We had to declare the containment cluster in the locality following the new COVID-19 cases in LB Nagar.”

The two friends own shops in Malakpet Gunj. One is a resident of Saroornagar while the other lives in Vanasthalipuram.

There have been 57 positive cases in LB Nagar. Seven people have made a full recovery while there have been five deaths.

A senior GHMC official said: “All the 57 cases in LB Nagar have not been reported in a single day.

“When we started testing the primary contacts of the two shop owners, the new positive cases were detected.”

A similar incident occurred in Pakistan where a woman attended a wedding and ended up infecting nine members of the same family.

The woman had travelled from Saudi Arabia and had tested positive for Coronavirus.

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