Beautiful Salwar Kameez with Diamond Work

How can you choose a Salwar Kameez that’s classy, elegant and simply stunning? Take a look at DESIblitz’s diamond work picks.

Beautiful Salwar Kameez with the Diamond Look

There are plenty of ways to achieve the perfect diamond look.

Salwar Kameez with diamond work is glamorous, dazzling and unique.

Selecting the perfect outfit can be hard, especially for a specific look. We all know South Asian events are flooded with colourful outfits, lots of jewellery and bedazzled accessories.

But, outfits can quickly go out of style, leaving you to spend another tonne of money on new garments.

Why not stick to a more classic diamond look and a statement Salwar Kameez instead? A look that never goes out of fashion and always keeps you looking feminine.

Diamonds are a tricky embellishment and it’s hard to find a balance. How can you find a look to suit you? Here are some tips for the perfect look.

Colour Palettes

Beautiful Salwar Kameez with the Diamond Look - Image 1

Colouring of clothing is key.

Make sure the outfit first suits your skin tone and then the diamond look you want.

For a subtle look, the diamonds can be in the same colour as the outfit or in a slightly different shade.

For a pop and more dramatic look, have a complete contrast between the colours to make sure they, and you, stand out.

Diamond Placements

Beautiful Salwar Kameez with the Diamond Look - Image 2

If you want people to really notice the embellishments, make sure the diamonds are closer to your face. So, near the neckline of the Kameez. This way nothing will go unnoticed and you won’t have to wear a necklace.

A little trimming of diamante is perfect for a more subdued look. The trim could be on the neckline, on the cuffs or the hem of the Kameez.

Some Salwar may feature diamonds along the outside of the legs or even around the ankle cuff for consistency in your outfit.

Patterns and Designs

Beautiful Salwar Kameez with the Diamond Look - Image

The fun thing about the diamond look is that they come in a variety of designs on the suit. Some create wider patterns around the neckline, whilst others use smaller floral-type designs on the lower half of the Kameez.

Floral, foliage and feminine patterns will definitely ensure a very lady-like and fresh look.

Designers are recently going back to old-school designs like paisley pieces and animal motifs for a traditional edge.

DIY Diamonds

Beautiful Salwar Kameez with the Diamond Look - Image 3

Many South Asian shops, haberdasheries and even crafts shops store loose beading or diamonds on a roll.

If you ever want to add some more bling to your look and amp up your glitz, add extra DIY diamonds!

The perfect place to add loose diamantes is onto a Dupatta or the Salwar. Strings of diamonds are great for necklines, cuffs and hems.

The easiest way to do this is to purchase iron on gems or a thread that can easily be stitched on.

Classic vs Modern

Beautiful Salwar Kameez with the Diamond Look - Image 4

Classic Salwar Kameez are simple and understated. The diamonds may blend in slightly and not go overboard.

Modern day outfits include lots more glamour with plenty of diamonds and even use two-toned materials to exaggerate the look.

If you want to go with a contemporary garment, but, want to dress it down, look for matching coloured shoes and definitely opt for less jewellery.

And, let’s not forget about the extras:


Beautiful Salwar Kameez with the Diamond Look - Image 5

South Asian jewellery is already surrounded by diamonds – they’re everywhere!

For a laid back appearance, use smaller earrings, no necklace and maybe thinner diamante bangles. But, one thicker or standout diamond bangle is a statement piece for any Desi woman.

To shine all night, opt for larger earrings, chunkier jewellery and even glittery shoes to highlight the glow.

A diamond encrusted bag is a great way to compliment the diamonds on your outfit.

Hair and Make-up

Beautiful Salwar Kameez with the Diamond Look - Image 6

Having your hair tied up will ensure your diamonds are on full show and are no way being blocked.

Adding a tikka for an extra pop of shimmer is a must for anyone wanting to really make the most out of the look.

You could even opt for using diamante hair pins and decorative flowers as a headpiece.

With a diamond look, makeup should be as glowing as much as your outfit. Choose a stronger highlighter, glittery lip gloss or metallic eye shadow to keep the sheen consistent from head to toe.

Decorate your face further with a sparkly bindi and even more face jewels by your eyes or above your eyebrows.

There are plenty of ways to achieve the perfect diamond work. But make sure you pick the perfect Salwar Kameez first!

Keep shining!

Nikita is an English and Creative Writing undergraduate. Her loves include literature, travelling and writing. She is a spiritual soul and a bit of a wanderer. Her motto is: “Be crystal.”

Images Courtesy of: Ebay, Chooos, Styles at look and Parhlo.

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