‘Bankrupt’ Pakistan indulges in new Tim Hortons Store

Tim Hortons has opened its first store in Pakistan, however, long queues in the cash-strapped country have divided the internet.

'Bankrupt' Pakistan indulges in new Tim Hortons Store f


"And this is the queue for coffee in Tim Hortons."

The launch of Pakistan’s first Tim Hortons has divided internet users as the country is going through an economic crisis.

Pakistan’s inflation has reached a 45-year high, putting the nation on the edge of bankruptcy.

Although most individuals hardly have enough money to cover their necessities, a large queue of young people gathered their money to indulge themselves in pricey Tom Hortons coffee.

Tim Hortons opened its first Pakistan store in Lahore and witnessed a record number of visitors.

Pictures and videos circulating online showed long queues of people waiting to get their coffees. There were even reports that Tim Hortons broke the world record for highest sales in its 61-year history.

Although Tim Hortons had a successful launch, some internet users are angry that Pakistan’s elite has no qualms about buying overpriced coffees when the country is going through an economic crisis.

As of February 9, 2023, Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves were below $3 billion, which is a nine-year low.

The Pakistani rupee (PKR), the nation’s currency, hit a record low, and local citizens’ wallets are already being split apart by petrol prices.

Many were also critical of the high prices of the products offered and called out people who waited for hours in queues.

Sharing the video of the long queue on Twitter, Pakistani journalist Riaz ul Haq wrote:

“On one hand the poor are lining up for one bag of subsidised flour and the rich are queuing up for Tim Horton’s coffee.”

Another Twitter user wrote:

“This is a nation where 8 million people are lying in the open and dying of hunger due to flooding.

“This is the nation where its PM is begging in front of @IMFNews, which has a reserve to pay just 2 weeks import. And this is the queue for coffee in Tim Hortons.”

Pakistani singer and actor Farhan Saeed also expressed his concern and tweeted:

“There are 2 types of Pakistanis, one that is in the queue of utility stores for wheat flour and ghee.

“The other is at Tim Hortons. It scares me, that there is nothing in the middle that scares me.”

The financial crisis in Pakistan continues to get worse. The world’s fifth-most populous country appears to be creeping closer to a financial collapse.

The nation’s inflation rate has reached a 48-year high.

Pkrevenue reported that the State Bank of Pakistan’s (SBP) foreign exchange reserves decreased to £2.3 billion.

Ilsa is a digital marketeer and journalist. Her interests include politics, literature, religion and football. Her motto is “Give people their flowers whilst they’re still around to smell them.”

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