Anjana Reddy Fashion Brands inspired by Virat Kohli & Shraddha Kapoor

Anjana Reddy, experiments with designs, creating celebrity fashion labels, Wrogn and Imara, with Virat Kohli and Shraddha Kapoor as the face of the brands.

Anjana Reddy Fashion Brands inspired by Virat Kohli & Shraddha Kapoor

"It's not easy to get people to back a youngster with an idea."

Anjana Reddy, a former sportsperson, having played badminton at the national level along with Saina Nehwal, she soon found her true calling in the fashion industry.

She is the founder of Universal Sportsbiz Private Limited (USPL), and an entrepreneur who runs businesses valued at 61 crores, heading towards the 100-crore mark very soon.

Despite coming from a family with a well-established media business, she was on the verge of losing all her hopes when her first venture in the fashion industry was about to hit the skids. But, she didn’t give up.

She first founded USPL in April 2012 and approached the Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar to back her idea of this start-up.

Later, she set up her two brands, Wrogn and Imara. Securing in Cricketer Virat Kohli and film actress Shraddha Kapoor, to be her partners of the two brands, Anjana Reddy has created high-quality, celebrity-led fashion brands.

DESIblitz explores Anjana Reddy’s brands Wrogn and Imara. 


Anjana Reddy creates Indian Fashion Empire

Wrogn, backed by the country’s heartthrob, Virat Kohli, is designed to attract the youth, who have the courage to make their own choices in their lives. Speaking to Your Story she says:

“It’s not easy to get people to back a youngster with an idea.”

Initially, the outfits of the brand Wrogn were exclusively available on the online shopping portal Myntra. However, as part of extending the business, Wrogn now has stores in Hyderabad and Bangalore, with a future plan of 100 additional stores across India.

The brand Wrogn offers a variety of stylish shirts and slim-fit jeans, creating a bold look. In other words, if your attire goes all ‘Wrogn,’ then your flamboyant personality can take the lead!


Anjana Reddy

Introducing another fashion brand Imara, designed for ladies, Anjana adds another feather to her cap, with one of the most versatile actresses in Bollywood. In addition, Anjana has helped Shraddha Kapoor’s dream of creating her own brand come true.

Collections at Imara include tops, kurtas, sets, bottoms, and a wide range of ethnic wear, offering a distinctive style.

Most of the collections from Imara are inspired by the elegance of Shraddha, with chic designs. Like Wrogn for confident men, the seamless blend of Imara is for young women, who take charge of their lives and are proving their capabilities on par with their counterparts.

To look bold and to be treated as a princess, Imara must be added to any woman’s wardrobe.

Anjana is not the kind of person who confines one’s life to a single moment. She has that intense desire to explore the things beyond vision and the desire to be unique in what she does. This is what keeps her striving ahead:

“Again I was obsessed with building a brand and I went all out to work with the best sporting names,” she told Your Story. 

With two well-established businesses, Anjana Reddy is not a usual girl you see every day. She works eighteen hours a day to ensure her dreams take the shape of reality. With her determination to stand out from the legacy of her family business, she has established her own fashion empire.

Krishna enjoys creative writing. He is a voracious reader and an avid writer. Besides writing, he loves watching movies and listening to music. His motto is "Dare to move mountains".

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