5 Bhojpuri Stars who suffered Explicit Video Leaks

The leak of a private video can have a major effect on a celebrity. We collate five Bhojpuri stars who suffered explicit video leaks.

“I don’t know what these people are doing"

The leak of an explicit video is devastating for the victims and in the Bhojpuri entertainment industry, this is fairly prevalent.

Several stars hit the headlines after explicit videos purportedly of them circulated online.

Many were subjected to trolling, prompting some to fire back.

However, others explained the toll the ordeal had on them.

We look at five Bhojpuri stars who were the victims of alleged sextape leaks.

Anjali Arora

5 Bhojpuri Stars who suffered Explicit Video Leaks f

In August 2022, Anjali Arora was in the headlines for an explicit video purportedly of her.

The video featured a woman lying on a bed. It then cuts to the woman and a man having sex.

Throughout the 10-minute video, the woman’s face is seen and after going viral, some social media users claimed the woman was Anjali.

During promotions for her music video ‘Saiyyan Dil Mein Aana Re’, Anjali was questioned on the matter and she stayed silent.

The Bhojpuri actress later insisted that the woman was not her.

She tearfully said people were trying to malign her image by spreading fake news.

Speaking to Siddharth Kannan, Anjali said:

“I don’t know what these people are doing, they are using my name and picture to frame me and claim it’s Anjali Arora’s MMS.

“These people are the ones who made me what I am today, they also have a family like I have.

“Sometimes I feel what is the need to do all this?

“Why speculate so much when I am not there in the video?

“I have brothers and sisters, my little brothers watch videos. Some people are taking it in the wrong direction… when they can’t match you then they start maligning your image.”

She went on to reveal that during her time on Lock Upp, a similar thing happened.

Akshara Singh

5 Bhojpuri Stars who suffered Explicit Video Leaks - akshara

A month after Anjali Arora’s ordeal, Akshara Singh alleged sextape was leaked.

The grainy video appeared to show her having sex with a man.

A video of the Bhojpuri actress crying and venting her frustration began circulating and many believed it was her reaction to the video leak.

However, the video had nothing to do with the explicit video.

Speaking about her alleged explicit video leak, Akshara said:

“Whoever did such an act, I do not care about all these things. Someone made a statement. Even I haven’t watched the MMS video yet.

“Do you want to know whether I’m in this viral video? I’m not going to cry over such a cheap act, and it doesn’t bother me.”

Trisha Kar Madhu

5 Bhojpuri Stars who suffered Explicit Video Leaks - trisha

Trisha Kar Madhu was also the victim of a private video leak in August 2021.

Footage of her getting intimate with her boyfriend began circulating online and she faced brutal trolling, with many accusing her of purposely leaking the video for publicity.

Hitting out at those who shared the video, Trisha wrote in a Facebook post:

“God is watching everything. In a bid to defame me, some people made this video viral.”

“I did not even imagine that some people of Bihar are having such low standards.”

To get the video taken down, she sought help from the Bhojpuri film industry.

Replying to those who shared the video, Trisha said:

“If your sister gets married and the next day, someone leaks her first-night video, it will be good right?”

Priyanka Pandit

Priyanka Pandit hit headlines after a nude video purportedly of her was leaked.

As the video circulated and more people trolled her, the actress remained silent on the matter.

But she shared a few cryptic posts, including one that read:

“Silence is the best response when you are dealing with idiots.”

Priyanka later broke her silence on the matter and insisted that the woman in the video was not her.

She admitted that while the woman resembled her, it was a different woman.

Priyanka said the video leak was an attempt to “malign her image” and claimed that as a result, “her career is ruined”.

She also filed a police complaint.

Shilpi Raj

In April 2022, Bhojpuri singer Shilpi Raj caused a stir when a video of her and her boyfriend getting intimate went viral.

A few days after the leak, a video of a tearful Shilpi urging people to stop sharing the clip was shared online.

In the video, she said: “I have a happy atmosphere here, I have a marriage here.

“Some people write, while others upload videos on YouTube.

“Please, whatever you do, help me. Until today, we have never spoken to anyone in a loud voice. Is it my fault that I come from a small, poor family?

“I have not come forth on my own. You’ve brought me up to speed. I’ve received your affection.

“In school, I used to sing. People have begun to have problems now that I have a small name.

“We engage in our own songs so that you can continue to entertain people.

“Why are you uploading explicit videos on YouTube? Nothing is making sense to me.”

“People are making derogatory remarks and wondering who my boyfriend is.”

But shortly after, Shilpi claimed the woman in the video was not her.

These five Bhojpuri stars suffered explicit video leaks.

Some broke their silence straight away and insisted that the videos were fake.

But for others, the videos were real and it took them months before they opened up on the matter.

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