Zareen Khan thanks Salman for helping her into Bollywood

Bollywood actress Zareen Khan has thanked Salman Khan for giving her an entry into Bollywood but she is not taking it for granted.

Zareen Khan thanks Salman for helping her into Bollywood f

"Star kids and people who’re friends get everything so easily."

Zareen Khan has stated that she has Salman Khan to thank for her success within Bollywood.

She also spoke about the pandemic and how it has left many uncertain about the future of their jobs. Zareen believes that this stress is affecting everyone’s mental health.

Those with savings can afford to not be at work but there are many who are struggling as she explained:

“These people have to run their kitchen, pay their rents.

“With the economy being hit so badly due to the pandemic, those who’ve lost their source of income are obviously stressed and worried.”

Zareen also admitted that she is worried about her work.

“Thankfully, I’m with my family in such stressful times. But I’m also worried about my finances, I’ve to start working.

“Imagine my source of income comes from a place where nothing is certain. You never know when you’ll get work more so if you are an outsider.

“Star kids and people who’re friends get everything so easily. I feel bad that I’m not given the chance to show whether I’ve the potential or not.”

Zareen is excited for the release her film Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele, however, she opened up on the difficulties she had faced during her early years in Bollywood.

She went on to say that things have not changed much today.

“It has always been tough. When Veer (2010) didn’t do well, people blamed me for it.

“At that time I was new, unpolished I might have made mistakes but no one understood. I soon became the soft target. Getting work after that was difficult.”

Zareen thanked Salman Khan for helping her into Bollywood but added that she worked to get her film roles.

“Salman changed my life. But people think he got me all films in my career. That’s wrong. He just gave the entry after that I was on my own.

“I can’t be a burden on him. In fact, when nothing was working out he trusted me again with the song Character Dheela.”

Zareen admitted that the negative comments affected her mental state and things worsened when people started comparing her with Katrina Kaif.

“It was both frustrating and depressing but I never gave up. It backfired because Katrina was active at that time and I was starting.

“Somehow people like such comparisons, Preity Zinta was compared with Amrita Singh, Ameesha Patel with Neelam, but then luckily in their cases, Amrita Ji was done with her career and Neelam had also taken a break.”

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