Yasra Rizvi aims Jibe at ‘Self-Proclaimed’ Sana Javed?

Pakistani actress and writer Yasra Rizvi slammed “unprofessional, self-proclaimed” stars. But is she indirectly aiming a jibe at Sana Javed?

Yasra Rizvi aims Jibe at 'Self-Proclaimed' Sana Javed f

"one more barely talented unethical diva."

Pakistani actress and writer Yasra Rizvi spoke out against “unprofessional” and “self-proclaimed” stars.

There is speculation that she is talking about Sana Javed after several models accused the actress of being “self-entitled”.

Many models detailed their “horrible” experience working alongside Sana.

This prompted Sana to break her silence, revealing that she would take legal action.

Now, Yasra Rizvi has stated that she is sick of unprofessional and self-proclaimed stars.

She took to Instagram to say that non-professionalism is not confined to one person alone, stating that if the problem continues, she will give up acting and directing.

Yasra said: “I am very serious about my work and I am also very sick of this new wave of unprofessional and self-proclaimed stars.

“To the extent that I will quit acting or direction completely if I have to deal with one more barely talented unethical diva.

“If you aren’t one this isn’t about you so please don’t go on about how everyone is not the same, I know.

“Common courtesy and work ethic have left the building. They have no respect for the work itself, they don’t put in any effort into learning about the actual craft but not this time.

“They are bloody late on set most of the time and keep cancelling dates for effing Dubai trips ruining the schedules of anyone who is stupid enough to work with them.”

There was speculation that Yasra Rizvi indirectly aimed a jibe at Sana Javed.

However, in the caption, Yasra clarified that her criticism was not about “one” person nor was it about the “current controversy”.

She wrote: “No this is not about ‘one’ person and definitely not about the current controversy making rounds on social media.

“It’s about most people. It’s about what we have become as a nation or were we always like this?”

“Is this why our country continues to struggle? Our short-sighted low effort approach to work and progress?”

She added: “I am just deeply saddened to see minimum effort in that direction where I work, maybe its a bubble, maybe the rest of the country is doing all the right things or I am just secretly hoping for that because otherwise we are doomed.”

Yasra Rizvi and Sana Javed previously worked together on the series Dunk.

Yasra is known for playing lead roles in the television series Mann Ke Moti, Woh Dobara, Thora Sa Aasman and Ustani Jee.

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