Top 10 Most Popular Shows on Ullu in 2022

What have been the biggest Ullu hits of 2022? DESIblitz presents the top 10 most popular shows as well as the latest additions.

Top 10 Most Popular Shows on Ullu in 2022 - f

“I am your brother-in-law, please behave with me.”

Ullu is an Indian on-demand streaming platform, owned and maintained by Vibhu Agarwal.

The video-on-demand platform is currently available on Android and iOS.

Ullu is often heavily criticised for promoting erotica and vulgarity in its shows.

In 2020, media outlets reported that Ullu featured adult and explicit content during the Covid-19 pandemic to gain more subscribers.

In 2019, the makers of D-code accused the streaming platform of not making efforts to curb piracy of the show as intimate clips from the series made their way to porn sites.

In August 2021, the CEO of Ullu Vibhu Agarwal was accused of sexual harassment by a woman.

Ullu removed adult content and many shows with explicit content when the Indian government announced new guidelines for OTT and digital platforms.

Despite the controversy surrounding the streaming platform, Ullu continues to pull in audiences with its diverse and new shows.

Here are ten of the most popular shows on the app.



Tapan is about an Indian woman who gets surprised by her mother. Her mother invites the woman’s sister and her brother-in-law whom she ends up falling in love with.

Initially, the brother-in-law avoids her by saying, “I am your brother-in-law, please behave with me.”

But she continuously tries to seduce him. He eventually falls in love with his sister-in-law.

Hurry on over to Ullu to discover what happens when the wife finds out about the relationship between her husband and her sister.

Two episodes of the series were initially released and now two more episodes are available to stream on Ullu. The two new episodes, which were recently released, continue to create a buzz on the internet.

Virgin Suspect


Virgin Suspect stars Randeep Rai as Chandan who is the prime suspect in the rape and murder of a Russian girl. Arrested for the crime, his lawyer believes he is innocent.

She then begins her investigation to find out the truth as Chandan refuses to reveal his whereabouts on the night of the crime.

Randeep talks about the plot and his split personality for the role:

“It’s a high profile rape case story with a lot of twists and turns. It will keep you highly engaged with the storyline.”

“It was a wonderful experience to play such a character who is miserable but strong at the same time.”



Tandoor is a very interesting crime drama that was released in July 2021. It is based on the true story of a case in Delhi in 1995 where a man killed his wife.

The gruesome details rocked the nation. The man who first shot his wife then chopped her into pieces and burned them in the Tandoor of his restaurant.

Director Nivedita Bas recreates this gruesome story.

It stars Tanuj Virwani as Sahil who is familiar with his role in the Amazon Prime show Inside Edge.

The Last Show


The Last Show is a drama based on the events of the Uphaar Cinema fire in Delhi, which claimed the lives of around fifty people.

It stars Nasir Khan as Tarun, with Aman Verma portraying Nanda.

Aman has previously come in Bollywood films such as Viraasat and Baghban. It also stars the brother of Bollywood actor Anupam Kher, Raju Kher as Sushil.

The fire happened in 1997 when an explosion broke out in a theatre and killed many people. The story revolves around the families of these people and their fight for justice.



Ullu has returned with the second season of their original web series Titliyaan which shows a woman dealing with a new threat in her relationship.

In the first part of the web series, Sofia and Tania were seen as doubtful about their relationship, however, in the second series, it can be seen that their love united into an intense relationship and Sofia even proposed to Taniya.

On the other hand, it is seen that Prateek tried to force himself on Sofia and Tania protects her partner and stands up to her husband.

But Prateek couldn’t restrain himself and started his cruelty over Taniya by terrifying her and restricting her to go anywhere.



Guardian is an erotic suspense web series with Bhavin Wadiya taking on the director’s chair.

The web series centres around Juliana, the chosen guardian of Mr Anant’s rascal son Aditya.

Juliana blackmails both the father and son after accusing them of sexual harassment.

The main cast of the series comprises Ruma Sharma, Anurag Verma, Hitesh Sejwal, and Hitesh Rawal.

The web series has three episodes in total, with each part having a duration of between 10-11 minutes.

Chawl House


The third season of Chawl House stars Sneha Paul in the lead role. Ankita Dave is also part of the series.

This web series episode is directed by Jasbir Bijender Bhati.

The series is all about Meena and Tina who fall in love with the same guy named Rahul who plays the character of a marketing agent.

According to Socially Keeda, the Indian web series can be viewed on not only the Ullu app but also on the MX Participant streaming app.

The Devil Inside


The Devil Inside is an erotic drama starring Arshi Khan, Nasir Abdullah, and Ananya Sengupta.

It centres around a rich boss who becomes obsessed with his employee’s new bride.

He offers his employee a large sum of money to just spend one night with the bride but she declines.

The greedy boss is angry and instead of moving on, forces himself onto her.

The show is a chain of blackmail and deceit that is all about secrets and desires. The Devil Inside was released in August 2021 and is directed by Zia Ullah Khan.



Khunnas includes it all as themes such as romance, crime and drama are explored throughout.

The Indian show continually receives a positive response from the audience.

The official synopsis of the show reads: “A house decked up like Diwali just for their daughter’s birthday is thrilled by gunshots.

“The assassin is none other than their driver whose rage was triggered by the birthday girl’s act in the past.

“Witness the twisted affair behind this revenge drama, that leads to a massacre.”

Khul Ja Sim Sim


Khul Ja Sim Sim is an erotic comedy-drama web series led by director Ravikant Singh.

The bold and sexy web series is about a young charismatic woman Simran who ties the knot with Awdesh.

But her dreams of having a pleasurable sexual experience are crushed when she comes to know of her husband’s inadequacy.

Simran has no choice but to restrain her desires, after knowing the reality. However, soon after many villagers want her, especially as she has an attractive personality.

A tricky gangster is one of them, along with wishing to marry her also.

When it comes to shows, although Ullu is known for its adult content, this list shows there is a lot more to the platform.

They have shows based on true stories and crime dramas.

Although they still have a majority in the erotic genre, they have shown they can do more. With all these shows, there is bound to be something to please everyone.

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