The Beautiful Attractions of Yorkshire

It is easy to forget that the UK is full of scenic and historical sights to visit and explore. DESIblitz takes a tour of Yorkshire, and uncovers some hidden marvels for any avid traveller.

Yorkshire is encased in natural beauty and historical splendour, visible wherever you look.

Yorkshire is well known for its historical architecture and rolling landscapes.

With much of the UK adapted to suit modern times, Yorkshire has retained it historical beauty. And this is evident everywhere you look.

Yorkshire also has some hidden gems which, unless you are a native to the area, are rarely discovered by outsiders. There are great opportunities for tourists from other counties to come, wander and explore.

This great shire has many hotspots for family days out and fun on those long summer days. DESIblitz unveils some of the best kept secrets that Yorkshire has to offer.

Scampston Walled Garden, Malton

ScampstonHallA stunning and sensational antique garden with a contemporary feel. Constructed in the18th century, it is today admired as one of the premium gardens to visit in North Yorkshire.

Designed by the legendary Dutch plantsman Piet Oudolf, it introduced modern, perennial meadow planting in conjunction with more traditional spaces.

Scampston Walled Garden embraces gorgeous grounds to delight in, reachable every year from Easter to October. One of the most appreciated parts of the garden is the Cascade Circuit. A peaceful part of the garden to enjoy, the site provides a comfortable setting, magnificent views, and plenty of space for occasions.

A self-guided walk, about a mile in length directs to various points in the garden like the striking lakeside, Palladian Bridge and the Old Ice House. This area is mostly used for special events hence retains busy throughout the season.

Seasonal activity sheets for children are available with an orienteering style nature trail for the whole family to enjoy. The whole structure of the design and the view beyond must be valued. Visitors will be amazed to discover extraordinary sights.

You can enjoy a delicious lunch or simply a refreshing cup of tea and a snack in the gardens restaurant. Many of the plants in the garden can also be bought on site.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Doncaster

WildlifeYorkshire Wildlife is regularly regarded as the most magnificent attraction in Yorkshire after beating over hundreds of other competitor attractions.

This Award winning attraction occupies 70 acres of a 260 acre of site that is an absolute treat to explore. A unique sight into the world of wildlife along with a walkthrough area comprising of Lemur Woods and Wallaby Walkabout and South America Viva.

Yorkshire Wildlife is not just an attraction but an education programme that includes exciting events for visitors to experience. There are incredible packages to choose from including ‘Behind the Scenes VIP Tours’ and ‘Ranger for a Day’. It is believed to be the top educational attraction to visit in Yorkshire.

The attraction features the rarest carnivores from Africa. The Painted Hunting Dog, zebra, antelope, ankole cattle and ostrich roam free. Other animals include the popular meerkats, racoon dogs and a new herd of Bactrian Camels. There’s also many drop slides and Astra slides in the Jungle Play Barn for the little ones to enjoy.

The attraction sites Includes Wild Café, Art exhibition and exciting events to take pleasure from.

The Deep, Hull

The DeepThe Deep is a remarkable aquarium known for its unique blend of stunning marine life and interactive and audio-visual presentations. This dramatic attraction explores the world’s most spectacular oceans.

Discover your trip from the birth of the oceans into the future. Travel from tropical lagoons to the icy waters of Antarctica. As you descend deeper into the oceans come face to face with sharks, rays, shimmering golden trevally and hundreds of other exotic species.

Most visitors take the pride to see the superb Amazon Flooded Forest tank with striking species including turtles, silver arowana, ripsaw catfish, motoro stingray, tiger shovelnose catfish and pacu. This is a fabulous part of the attraction displaying incredibly varied yet vulnerable atmospheres which become home for species.

Other highlights consist of daily dive presentations and animal feedings and discovery corner sessions which takes you closer to the scene underwater. You can take a ride in the glass lift through the 10m tank and walk through Europe’s deepest viewing tunnel!

Children can also enjoy a brand new soft play area situated in Deep Blue One with a collection of sea themed characters. There is also a large stepped area for parents to take a seat and enjoy a well-deserved rest.

National Media Museum, Bradford

national media museumThe Museum consists of over 3.5 million items of historical significance. The UK’s first IMAX theatre opened right here in Bradford City of Film in West Yorkshire. The Museum is the home of the BBC in Bradford.

It offers an exciting programme of 3D and blockbuster films for that much needed, all-embracing viewing experience. The museum captures the National Photographic, the National Cinematography, National Television and National New Media Collections.

Visitors can watch presenters and researchers collating news stories and broadcasting online and on-air in this real, working exhibit. There are traditional and collaborating galleries positioned across eight floors of the Museum to explore that celebrate film, photography, television, animation and new media.

A comprehensive programme of cultural, educational events and activities bring the Museum’s subject matter to life for families, schools and adults equally.

Picture Ville Bar and Intermission Café serve up a mouth-watering selection of food and drink, while the Museum Shop stocks a wide range of media-related resources, gifts and souvenirs.

Lister Park, Bradford

Lister_ParkLister Park is a picturesque public park located in Bradford West Yorkshire voted Britain’s most legendary park.

This park features Lister Art Gallery Cartwright Hall, endearing Botanical Gardens, a fine boatinglake, and the magical Mughal Water Gardens, exciting multi-use games area and much more to amaze its visitors. Last year it attracted almost 2,500,000 visitors within 6 months.

Award winning Treasurable park is the most lovable and romantic attraction in Yorkshire. Mughal gardens are a romantic magical delight to view and enjoy along with fresh greenery to enjoy. Lister Park also surprises with its range of flora, historic constructions and majestic contextual. Each site is an utter luxury to view and explore.

Discover the authentic gems within Bradford’s crown in Yorkshire and create a beautiful memorable experience. Described as one of the most peaceful and spotless space in Yorkshire it’s a perfect attraction for family picnics as well as historic exploration. The whole park is refurbished in a place of relaxation away from the humdrum of modern life.

Yorkshire is encased in natural beauty and historical splendour, visible wherever you look. It is a shire whose magnificent views can be described as truly awe-inspiring. Yorkshire is full of many spectacular sites that are a must-visit for any family and traveller.

Suman Hanif is an emerging filmmaker. With a passion to entertain and write Suman's work explores health, social and environmental concerns with the intention to empower people. "Journalism is an exciting opportunity that enables me to communicate to the world."

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