Tez Ilyas & Family do the #stayathomechallenge

Comedian Tez Ilyas has taken part in the viral challenge called #stayathomechallenge with his father and cousins. Let’s take a closer look.

Tez Ilyas & Family do the #stayathomechallenge f

"Headers the roll of toilet paper to Tez"

Comedian Tez Ilyas has taken part in the #stayathomechallenge along with members of his family.

There is no doubt a viral challenge is enjoyed by everyone and allows them to engage with each other.

The latest online trend has transpired as a result of the Coronavirus having a major impact on the world of sports.

In this instance, football is one of the sports which has been significantly affected by the outbreak of the pandemic.

However, football players have found a way to keep themselves active and entertained during self-isolation.

The #stayathomechallenge is simple to take part in. All that is required is a roll of toilet paper.

The aim of the challenge is to see how many kick-ups you can do in a single attempt. Then simply nominate someone else to take part in the challenge.

The #stayathomechallenge has been carried out by a host of Premier League players who has shared their attempts online.

These include players like Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes, Marcus Rashford, Everton’s Theo Walcott, Manchester City’s Phil Foden and many more.

Alongside the Premier League players, the Spanish La Liga players like Real Madrid’s Marcel, Barcelona’s Lionel Messi have also taken part in the #stayathomechallenge.

However, it is not only football players who are taking part in the challenge.

Tez shared a video of himself with his father and cousins on Twitter doing kick-ups with a roll of toilet paper.

In the video, Tez’s cousins can be seen doing kick-ups while his father headers the roll of toilet paper to Tez who is hilariously sitting on the toilet.

Tez’s comical rendition of the challenge sees him throwing away the toilet paper at the end and opting for a lota. He captioned the video:

“Coming to a cinema near loo. My cousins, my dad and I do the #stayathomechallenge.”

Undoubtedly, the challenge shared on Twitter is a great way to help people communicate while being in self-quarantine.

Currently, many countries across the world like the United Kingdom, Pakistan, India and more are on lockdown.

As a result of this citizens are confined in their homes as a method of trying to prevent the rapid spread of the Coronavirus.

Meanwhile, challenges like #stayathomechallenge help push the importance of staying at home during this difficult time while providing entertainment.

Tez Ilyas’ #stayathomechallenge is certainly entertaining and will surely put a smile on your face.

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