T-Pain accused of using Bollywood Song Illegally

American music artist T-Pain has been accused of plagiarising a famous Bollywood song in his new single. He has since responded to the accusations.

T-Pain accused of Ripping off Bollywood Song f

"Dunno why but this seems familiar. It's a melody from Mithun's song buddy."

American rapper T-Pain released a surprise new single titled ‘That’s Yo Money’ on December 15, 2018.

He shared his latest release on his social media and on streaming platforms, however, it has not turned out well.

The song was streamed over 200 million times on YouTube. On his Instagram, T-Pain wrote:

“One more surprise before the year’s over ‘That’s Yo Money’ out now.”

After dropping the new single, he has been accused of plagiarism after fans noticed the song resembled ‘Tum Hi Ho’ from Bollywood film Aashiqui 2.

Even Mithoon, the composer of the original track, expressed his frustration in his song being used.

He wrote on Twitter in response to the 33-year-old rapper’s promotional tweet. Mithoon wrote:

“Sir, the melody that you have used in your new song is my original work for a previously released Hindi film. The label is looking into this.”

It was not just Mithoon who pointed out the similarities, Aashiqui 2 director Mohit Suri was not impressed. He wrote:

“Dunno why but this seems familiar. It’s a melody from Mithun’s song buddy.”

Several people took to Twitter to react to Mithoon’s allegations. One posted:

“Did someone really use a Bollywood song without permission? Damn, that’s new.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “Waiting for him to call it inspiration. Like some of our people are doing.”

After the song received backlash for being used without permission, T-Pain responded to the allegations, stating he was unaware the song was sampled and said he “never heard the music before.”

The rapper, whose real name is Farheem Rashad Najm, posted: “Woke up to getting dragged by brown twitter. Soooo yea.

“I definitely didn’t produce this song. Had no idea that was a sample and have never heard the music before I got the beat from the producer. Easy thing to work out. The labels will be in contact. Thanx.”

While T-Pain stated that he did not know about the song, the term “brown twitter” has not impressed Twitter users who have called the American rapper ignorant.

Mohit Suri expressed his anger, he wrote: “Brown Twitter!! Sir is that what your response is? Is this an apology or foolish ignorance.”

Despite many people venting their anger, some pointed out that Bollywood uses Western music all the time.

One Twitter user posted: “Honestly idk why people are making this a big deal, Bollywood knowingly steals western music all the time.”

The backlash against T-Pain’s new single has seen it removed from Twitter citing “a copyright claim by a third party.”

It is available on YouTube and music streaming sites.

Compare the Two

T-Pain’s Song


The Original


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