Sumaira left Kashmir for Love of Lalu like ‘Dhadkan’

An Indian woman named Sumaira left Kashmir due to her love for Lalu Singh. She likened her love story to the plot of ‘Dhadkan’.

Sumaira left Kashmir for Love of Lalu like 'Dhadkan' f

During this time, she became pregnant.

An Indian woman named Sumaira Hanif left her home in Kashmir to be with her love Lalu Singh.

Due to the drama that happened during their relationship, she likened it to the plot of Dhadkan.

Although Lalu was from Bihar, he met Sumaira in Kashmir as he used to work there occasionally. He met her at the shop her brother ran and the pair became friends.

Over time, they grew closer.

At the time, Sumaira was suffering from appendicitis. Lalu paid for her treatment and Sumaira vowed to never leave Lalu’s side.

The pair ended up having a court marriage in May 2022.

Sumaira changed her religion and her name. Lalu was a fan of Dhakan and recommended she change her name to Anjali, who was played by Shilpa Shetty in the film.

Now named Anjali, she remained by her husband’s side, despite her family opposing the marriage.

She moved to Bihar and lived with Lalu for seven months. During this time, she became pregnant.

According to Anjali, when her parents found out, they forced her to have an abortion.

Her in-laws were seemingly influenced by her parents and Anjali was subsequently sent back to Kashmir in November.

Lalu’s behaviour seemed to have changed also because whenever Anjali messaged him, he would forward the message to her relatives.

If she called, he would ignore her.

Lalu also told Anjali’s father that his relationship with her is over, labelling her insane.

But Anjali was still in love with him. She returned to Bihar and went to Lalu’s house.

Anjali threatened Lalu, telling him that if he does not take her back, she would set herself on fire and would blame him and his family.

The dramatic love story took a turn when she consumed poison, blaming Lalu and his family.

Her health deteriorated and she was admitted to hospital. Police were posted outside her room and due to this, no one was allowed inside.

An investigation was launched in order to resolve the matter.

During her recovery, Anjali said she had documentation of her name change, admitting that she lied to Lalu about not having the documents.

She stated that no matter what both families do, she will remain in Bihar to be by her husband’s side.

It was reported that Lalu’s behaviour change was down to being coerced by his parents.

Lalu’s father Shambhu Singh told police that Anjali was lying. Labelling her a freak, he claimed that his son went to Kashmir and briefly spoke to Anjali but they did not get married.

It was revealed that she travelled to Bihar three times, only to be sent back to Kashmir by Lalu’s father.

On the third occasion, Anjali was thrown out of the house.

On January 31, 2023, Anjali was discharged from hospital and her relationship with Lalu was rekindled thanks to the police creating an agreement letter.

DSP Nishit Priya said both parties were called to the police station and the matter was eventually settled. Anjali is now free to live with her husband.

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