7 South Asian Music Artists to Follow in 2024

Dive into the global beats and melodies of these established and emerging South Asian music artists to keep an eye on in 2024!

7 South Asian Music Artists to Follow in 2024

"It’s an escape from reality, which I hold close"

Within the landscape of sounds and rhythm, South Asian music artists have continued to present their soul-stirring melodies and unique songs. 

From pop to Bhangra, RnB to dance, certain musicians have emerged as a vibrant force, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation.

This eclectic ensemble of artists transcends borders, echoing their cultural heritage in symphonies that captivate audiences worldwide.

Among this illustrious group, we delve into the stories of certain South Asian music artists who are crafting innovative narratives. 

From London’s urban beats to the psychedelic sounds of Australia, these musicians are expanding the boundaries of genres.

Whilst some individuals on this list are shining young talents, others have been making a name for themselves for years.

To make sure all the artists receive the recognition they deserve, we’ll explore their journeys (thus far) and why they’re ones to keep your eyes on in 2024. 


7 South Asian Music Artists to Follow in 2024

Meet Ezu, a musical prodigy hailing from the vibrant streets of South London.

Singer, songwriter, and producer extraordinaire, Ezu embarked on his melodic journey at the tender age of four.

What sets Ezu apart is not only his breakneck delivery and verbal dexterity but the seamless fusion of English and Punjabi lyrics that flow effortlessly from his lips.

A self-taught vocal virtuoso and producer, Ezu’s innate talent is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

His ascent to musical stardom began with his ingenious YouTube covers where industry professionals quickly took notice.

In 2016, Ezu unleashed his debut single, ‘Jaaniya’, a precursor to a string of musical triumphs that would follow.

The pinnacle of his early success was the 2019 release of his debut album, Arrival.

With over 16 million streams across digital platforms and over 15 million views on YouTube, Ezu’s debut project astounded audiences.

However, other stand-out tracks of his include ‘Dilawara’ and ‘Bahara’, both of which have over 30 million Spotify plays. 

What makes Ezu a true trailblazer is the infectious nature of his voice, the dynamic flows, and his unwavering desire to bridge the gap between Urban and Asian music.

Listen to more of Ezu here


7 South Asian Music Artists to Follow in 2024

Sim, also known as Sim Wavy, is the enchantress of Toronto’s R&B scene.

The singer started her career off with YouTube covers, with the standout performance being her version of Yung Bleu’s ‘You’re Mine Still’. 

Whilst her career is still taking off, one cannot look past her ethereal vocals that dance gracefully over icy synths and pulsating 808s.

In a musical landscape where the tone is as cold as the city itself, Sim has carved out her niche.

The starlet’s voice, delicate yet poignant, weaves through compositions that are both haunting and irresistibly cool.

Her lyrical prowess transforms into a visceral experience, with a realism that cuts through the glamour often associated with the music industry.

In her world, there’s no room for escapism. Instead, she offers a raw and unfiltered gaze into the harsh truths we sometimes choose to ignore.

With each release, Sim invites listeners into a sonic realm where vulnerability is celebrated, and emotions are laid bare.

You can tell from tracks like ‘Get Me Out Toronto’ and ‘Memories’, that this craft comes so naturally to her.  

As Sim continues to enchant listeners with her beautiful tone, she’s making a name for Toronto’s R&B renaissance. 

Ramp up those 2024 playlists here with Sim’s music. 

AR Paisley

7 South Asian Music Artists to Follow in 2024

Also hailing from Canada is AR Paisley, the country’s trailblazing South Asian hip-hop virtuoso.

His musical journey traces back to high school, where he honed his skills in freestyling and battle rapping.

Recognising his talent, he dove headfirst into the industry, unleashing a steady stream of music, including four albums since 2017.

Inspired by the golden era of late ’90s and early 2000s hip hop, his music pays homage to the roots of the genre.

With a staggering 100+ million streams across all digital service platforms and an impressive 60+ million views on YouTube, AR Paisley is not just an artist; he’s a phenomenon.

As noted by XXL Magazine in 2019, the rapper swiftly became a fixture on Spotify’s curated playlists.

Fast forward to 2023, and AR Paisley stands tall as the Hip Hop/Rap Artist of the Year at Canadian Music Week.

The musician’s rise to prominence wasn’t confined to Canadian borders.

His electrifying tours alongside heavyweights like AP Dhillon and Sidhu Moose Wala reverberated across international markets.

But it’s his powerful releases which have made him such a success. 

His release ‘Let’s Slide’ is a nostalgic homage to Cam’ron and Juelz Santana’s ‘Hey Ma’, and his 2022 album, Pressure, boasts hits like ‘Grind’ and ‘Legends Never Die’.

AR Paisley isn’t just riding the waves of success; he’s steering the ship.

Even though he’s well-established, the musician deserves further recognition in 2024. What better way to start than checking out his Spotify?


7 South Asian Music Artists to Follow in 2024

When it comes to South Asian music artists, Dhruv is a name that comes to mind.

The singer-songwriter hails from Singapore and his journey to becoming a sensation is nothing short of a modern fairy tale.

At five years old, Dhruv found joy in dressing up as a princess and dancing to the lively Bollywood soundtracks that filled his grandmother’s house.

It was a time of pure liberation, a feeling he now seeks to recapture in the melodies that come from his soul.

Over a decade later, Dhruv took these carefree memories and used them as the inspiration for ‘Grateful’.

The sweeping masterpiece stands as the centrepiece of his debut album, Rapunzel.

Through looped piano and the occasional shimmer of a hi-hat, Dhruv’s voice echoes sentiments of gratitude for the past.

However, this debut project turned into a phenomenon that lit TikTok ablaze with its infectious charm.

Unintended hits like ‘Double Take’, a poignant ballad about a queer teen relationship, took on a life of their own, accumulating over 300 million streams.

Extracting sounds from early ’80s pop, his gleaming single, ‘Blur’, heralds a new era of experimentation – a testament to Dhruv’s commitment to pushing boundaries.

Even though he’s still on an upward trajectory, Dhruv explained what he’s learned about himself so far, telling NME: 

“I think the biggest lesson has been that my gut does not lie to me.

“Also, I really, really loved music as a kid, so any time now where things may start getting a little much, I focus on mentally getting back to that place I was in when I wrote my first song.”

Explore Dhruv’s catalogue here.  


7 South Asian Music Artists to Follow in 2024

Shanuka is a singer-songwriter who is painting the music scene with her distinct R&B soundscape.

With a musical journey spanning several years, Shanuka has become a force to be reckoned with, gracing audiences with a unique sound that has garnered significant streaming success.

Shanuka’s musical journey began when she started uploading covers of songs by icons like Lauryn Hill.

In 2018, Shanuka made her mark with the release of her debut album, Infatuation.

She produced, recorded, and performed the project entirely in the intimate confines of her bedroom.

The warmth in her voice seamlessly intertwines with the vibey neo-soul she creates, establishing her as a master at setting sonic moods.

It was on SoundCloud that she cultivated much of her fanbase, establishing herself as a rising artist with an ear for unique harmonies. 

What sets Shanuka apart is not just her undeniable talent, but her unwavering commitment to authenticity.

As her audience continues to grow, Shanuka has earned coveted spots on Spotify’s Just Vibing and Fresh Finds: The Wave playlists.

Reflecting on her own taste and creative process, she told These Days Magazine:

“Writing, in general, is nostalgic for me. I have always been writing everything since childhood.

“During that time, I never thought I could write music, and then it just happened.”

“I can creatively express experiences and my emotions. It’s an escape from reality, which I hold close to my heart.

“Lastly, I am grateful to be able to share my stories with others and see them connect with them.”

With iconic anthems like ‘So Quick’, ‘Hurricane’, and ‘Not Your Girl’, Shanuka’s songs are auditory experiences that immerse your ears with grace.

Listen to her amazing tracks here

Jai Wolf

7 South Asian Music Artists to Follow in 2024

When it comes to South Asian music artists, Jai Wolf is a name that resonates with fans and musicians alike. 

His celestial melodies and genre-defying sounds have shattered expectations, crafting a musical narrative that challenges conventions.

Hailing from Bangladesh and raised in the vibrant heart of New York City, Jai Wolf’s multicultural influences are as diverse as the beats that define his artistry.

From indie-punk to hip-hop, orchestral symphonies to the Bollywood classics of his heritage, his life and music are an incredible array of culture.

This unique essence took centre stage in his debut album, The Cure to Loneliness.

Many came to know Jai through astral-indie-dance anthems like ‘Indian Summer’ and ‘Starlight’.

But, the opening notes of The Cure to Loneliness reveal an artist evolving from a bedroom remixer and future bass DJ to a dream pop virtuoso.

The album is a dancefloor-focused endeavour.

Yet, it conjures the angular riffage of indie rock while maintaining the melodious polish that fans worldwide have come to adore.

With regular co-signs from industry giants like Skrillex and ODESZA, Jai has chosen a path less travelled.

He took a hiatus from EDM and shifted toward songs with depth, meaning, and melody.

The result was the debut EP, Kindred Spirits, which marked the birth of Jai Wolf, the songwriter and indie-tronic artist.

Jai Wolf’s story is more than the hits, festival crowds, and mega-star endorsements; it’s a message.

Check him out here

Parvyn Kaur

7 South Asian Music Artists to Follow in 2024

Parvyn Kaur Singh is a Punjabi Australian singer and dancer whose influences span electronica, jazz, Sikh devotional music, and classical Indian arts.

Best recognised as the enchanting vocalist of the cult psychedelic band, The Bombay Royale, Parvyn is a musical virtuoso.

From the vibrant beats of electronica to the soulful cadence of jazz, Parvyn’s debut solo album, Sa, is a testament to a lifetime dedicated to the stage.

Collaborating with producers like Joelistics and Yelderbert (Max Dowling), the album is a sonic melting pot of sounds and culture. 

Parvyn’s career commenced at seven years old when she embarked on an international touring career with her father, Dya Singh.

This early exposure set the stage for her expansive career, marked by a fusion of traditional and contemporary sounds.

In 2010, Parvyn co-founded The Bombay Royale, and their debut album You Me Bullets Love soared to number one on the iTunes World Charts in 2012.

The band’s international acclaim was further solidified with licensing deals for HBO’s Better Call Saul and Ubisoft Games’ Far Cry 4.

Additionally, her collaboration with L-Fresh the Lion on his ARIA-nominated album, Become, showcased the depth of her talents. 

Internationally, Parvyn has graced stages at renowned festivals, including Glastonbury, Womad UK, Royal Albert Hall, and the Smithsonian Institute.

Parvyn Kaur Singh’s creativity extends far beyond her role as The Bombay Royale’s vocalist.

As a beatmaker, composer, and choreographer, she paints with a diverse palette, drawing from her roots and embracing the contemporary.

Her art is a celebration of cultural diversity, where every note and every movement tells a story. 

Keep up to date with Parvyn’s releases here

It’s evident that South Asian music artists are not just contributors to the global music scene; they are architects of a cultural renaissance.

From Ezu’s catchy melodies to Shanuka’s genre-defying sounds, their innovation collectively paints a portrait of an artistic movement.

Ranging from self-taught vocalists to trailblazing performers, these South Asian music artists illustrate the power of music.

Balraj is a spirited Creative Writing MA graduate. He loves open discussions and his passions are fitness, music, fashion, and poetry. One of his favourite quotes is “One day or day one. You decide.”

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