Sonakshi Sinha opens up on Marriage Speculation

Sonakshi Sinha opened up about how she is constantly questioned about her dating life or wedding on social media.

Sonakshi Sinha opens up on Marriage Speculation f

"Even my parents are not bothered, as much as them."

Sonakshi Sinha opened up about the questions surrounding her personal life.

The actress is rumoured to be dating Zaheer Iqbal and their relationship was apparently made official after Zaheer posted a belated birthday message.

Since then, she constantly receives questions about her personal life.

Sonakshi said: “I have always maintained that if I’m being spoken about, I would rather be spoken about for my work (rather than my personal life).

“But of course, people are curious. They want to know what’s going on in my life and they can speculate all they want.”

However, Sonakshi admitted that she wants to keep her personal life out of the public eye.

She continued: “Until I’m not ready to share my life with the world, I won’t do it.

“I have always been that sort of a person. And that reflects on my social media as well.

“It reflects in the places I go to, or where I’m seen and where I am not seen. It is very easy for me to balance that out.

“I will only share with the world what I want to share and nothing else.

“It is important as a person to protect certain parts of yourself.

“Because I don’t want to be available to everyone all the time.”

Speaking about the marriage questions, Sonakshi revealed that even her parents do not question her about it.

“Even my parents don’t ask me so much about my marriage as the media and the public.

“Even my parents are not bothered, as much as them.”

On the work front, Sonakshi Sinha is excited for people to watch the projects she has been working on.

“You won’t be disappointed. I think you’ll be very happy to see me playing such characters.

“I really enjoy my work and whatever it is that I’m doing.”

“I have worked on three very drastically different projects in the last year. I had a blast playing these different people all in just one year’s time.”

For Sonakshi, getting to play different roles is what keeps her excited.

She added: “I’m a Gemini, so I get bored very easily.

“I have to keep doing something to really make me stay interested in whatever is happening.

“So this is how I do it. This is how I keep myself submerged in my work.

“This is how I keep myself excited with every role that I’m doing. It’s very important to kind of diversify into different things.”

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