Sex Help: Is it Okay for a Woman to Climax Many Times

Reaching more than one climax for a woman can lead to the question of is it normal? Our Sexpert Rima Hawkins answers this sexually inquisitive question.

Sex Help: Is it Okay for a Woman to Climax Many Times

Is having a climax many times during sex okay for a woman?

Many women who climax several times during sex will be pleased this question is finally answered. This is normal and you not alone.

The question is do you enjoy having several orgasms or not. 80% of women have difficulty in reaching orgasm so you are doing well and if you enjoy it don’t hold back.

What is an Orgasm?

Women reach a climax, like men, as part of the sexual response cycle.

During orgasm, there are rhythmic muscular contractions in various parts of the body, which leads some women to ejaculate a clear fluid. This fluid spurts from glands close to the urethra during intense sexual excitement or during orgasm.

The glands are called the Skene’s glands and exist in the vaginal walls.

The period after orgasm is often a relaxing experience, attributed to the release of hormones called oxytocin and prolactin as well as endorphins which are similar to the effects of morphine.

Orgasms are actually very healthy and help boost your immune system, aid better sleep and even enhance your cardiovascular system. They are a great mood enhancer and provide a boost of energy that can last for days. Importantly, they also strengthen your sexual relationship with your partner.

So, having one or more orgasms is not a bad thing.

Reaching Orgasm once or many times

Orgasm can happen at any time during sex and can happen many times during sex for a woman. It can also depend on the partner and how they learn to help you orgasm one or many times.

The build up to a climax is fun. Most commonly it’s a full body experience, often involving more than one erogenous zone and most of the time using clitoral stimulation.

For most women, it takes, on average, 20 minutes to orgasm.

The body goes through changes that increase sensitivity and arousal which leads to an orgasm and possibly female ejaculation. Some of these changes are visible, but others are internal and can only be felt.

Women commonly can orgasm via either clitoral stimulation, vaginal penetration or G-spot stimulation. This depends on what areas react more to the stimulation and every woman is different.

Multiple orgasms tend to follow that first orgasm. The build up and pleasure from the first orgasm can then lead to more, depending on your sexual desire to experience more. Every climax that follows will be its own unique experience. Some may be quicker, others may then take longer depending on the state and level of arousal and enjoyment from the sex.

You may feel you ‘are done’ after a powerful orgasm where you will want to recover from the afterglow and surge of pleasure you have had.

However, some women after a break will want to build their arousal again being closely connected with their partner. Sensual touches and massages from the partner can re-energise the erotic feeling throughout the whole body and generate the feeling to re-engage in sex and have more climaxes.

The clitoris after lots of stimulation may feel too sensitive, so focusing on the G-sport and anal stimulation can introduce further ways to enjoy orgasms. Making use of fingering and playing techniques which avoid one part getting too much stimulation.

If you want to reduce the number of orgasms you have, you will need to reduce friction and contact with the clitoris by suggesting to your partner a different position or engaging more in foreplay such as giving oral sex, sensual full-body massage.

When alone, you can also explore your points of orgasm by stimulating yourself with your fingers or with the aid of a sex toy like a vibrator and judging how quickly and what points you orgasm. So, having multiple climaxes this way simply leads to a better understanding of your needs.

Take time to figure out what you like to enjoy the exploration and take control of your body. Understanding your body and the human sexual response cycle gives women the knowledge to be in control of their bodies as much as choosing to let go. Knowledge is power, which can lead to simply one, or many healthy orgasms.

Rima Hawkins is a professionally trained Sex and Relationship therapist for individuals and couples working privately in London. Rima has worked in the NHS for 24 years and is a Relate Therapist. Information about her services is available on her website.

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Rima Hawkins is a practising London-based British-Asian bilingual Sex and Relationship Therapist with a special interest in intercultural relationships and female sexual issues. Her motto: 'Don't knock masturbation, it's sex with someone I love.' ~ Woody Allen

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