Semi-Naked Indian Transgender Women attack Police in Public

A violent incident between Indian police and semi-naked transgender women was caught on video, showing officers being attacked in some kind of backlash.

Semi-Naked Indian Transgender Women attack Police in Public f

Crowds gather around them trying to calm down the commotion.

In a startling video published on October 11, 2019, a group of Indian transgender women, who are possibly drunk, are seen publically humiliating and attacking two Punjab police officers.

The altercation first takes place between two transgender women who are arguing with a policeman, who is trying to get onto his motorbike.

This then turns into a series of shoving, slaps and smacks targeted at the policeman.

The policeman retaliates but is overwhelmed by his attackers, who begin to grow in numbers.

The video published by GBR Tech indicates the attack seems to follow something that has taken place between the policemen and the transgenders. It looks like they had been cautioned by the police.

As the kerfuffle between the two parties gains momentum, members of the public gather around the incident observing the fight between the police and the transgenders.

One transgender woman dressed in light green salwar kameez wearing a black dupatta is seen forcing the policeman off his motorbike and pulling it forwards and backwards. While the cop frantically holds onto it.

Then, he turns on the trans woman and tries to hit and beat her with a baton. However, he is stopped and pushed back.

Crowds gather around them trying to calm down the commotion.

Another trans woman dressed in a black kameez but with no salwar and semi-naked comes out of a building holding an empty pan to use as a weapon and throws it at the policeman, missing him.

The other transgender women still surround the cop on the road.

Semi-Naked Indian Transgender Women attack Police in Public - weapons

Then a semi-naked trans woman wearing a bright pink top only goes after the policeman and hits him with a pan as she sees him beating one of the other trans women in black with his baton.

The same trans woman in pink also picks up a brick and throws it at the policeman.

The trans woman in pink starts clapping as the others grab hold of the policeman. The second policeman tries to stop them.

He manages to get onto his bike and make a swift exit from the incident.

Then the semi-naked trans woman in pink picks up a plank of wood from the ground and runs towards the policeman and throws it at him and so does the one in black, giving chase.

Afterwhich the transgender women move towards the second policeman and clap proclaiming a victory.

The semi-naked trans woman in black pushes the remaining policeman in a turban. They gather around him as he mounts his bike and they begin to hit him as well. But a member of the public stops them.

Watch the video of the transgender women’s attack (warning of nudity):


The video concludes with the transgender women clapping and chanting around the road area, in the midst of traffic, to demonstrate and justify their claim to justice for an incident which involved the Indian police and them.

Nazhat is an ambitious 'Desi' woman with interests in news and lifestyle. As a writer with a determined journalistic flair, she firmly believes in the motto "an investment in knowledge pays the best interest," by Benjamin Franklin.

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