Salman Khan hits out at ‘Hypocrite’ Sajid Khan

On ‘Bigg Boss 16’, Salman Khan slammed Sajid Khan for his behaviour in the house, calling him a “hypocrite”.

Salman Khan hits out at 'Hypocrite' Sajid Khan f

"You are looking like a hypocrite."

Salman Khan called out Sajid Khan for his behaviour inside the Bigg Boss 16 house.

On the ‘Shanivaar Ka Vaar’, the host is upset with the controversial filmmaker.

In a new promo, Salman wondered what Sajid was doing inside the house, calling him a “hypocrite”.

Salman asks Sajid: “What is Sajid doing inside the house?”

Sajid replied: “When the time comes, I will show everyone my cards.”

But this only annoyed Salman more as he said:

“You’re giving everyone reasons to evict you. Do you understand it? You are looking like a hypocrite.

“You first take a stand and then change it. This is called double standards.”

Social media users agreed with Salman’s comments and some even called for Sajid Khan to be evicted.

One said: “Let him get nominated once and let it be fair. We’ll remove him from the show.”

Another commented:

“What am I seeing? Is this truth or a dream? Sajid is getting beaten black and blue.”

A third stated: “Please remove him from the show.”

Sajid Khan’s entry into Bigg Boss 16 was a controversial one due to the numerous sexual misconduct allegations against him.

He has been maintaining a low profile in the house but recently, he has been aggressive towards his fellow housemates.

During one episode, Sajid became abusive towards Gautam Vig.

His outburst came during the ‘saam, daam, dand’ task.

Salman gave Gautam an option to become the captain at the cost of sacrificing the house’s ration.

Given that he was worried about being evicted, he took up the captain role, however, it led to backlash from the housemates.

Sajid called Gautam “selfish” for his decision.

The filmmaker told him: “You are doing all of this to be safe in the house, you’ll now witness my anger.”

The pair got into a heated argument. Sajid continued to verbally abuse Gautam before showing him the middle finger.

He then told Gautam to stay away from him if he does not want a fight.

On the other hand, Gautam asked Sajid to not use foul language as he was showing respect to him.

This angered viewers.

One said: “Sajid Khan’s real personality is coming out. The real side hidden behind Abdu has now come.

“He abused Gautam, his family, shown him the middle finger, threatened to hit him multiple times inside the #BB16 house and was ready to go out. He also broke the BB property (bottle). Any action?”

Others called Sajid “disgusting”.

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