Sajal Aly joins Animated Superhero Series ‘Team Muhafiz’

‘Team Muhafiz’ is an upcoming animated superhero series and Sajal Aly will lend her voice alongside other stars.

Sajal Aly joins Animated Superhero Series Team Muhafiz f

"I believe Team Muhafiz will add to that."

Sajal Aly will be one of the voice actors for the upcoming animated superhero series Team Muhafiz.

The new children’s show aims to tackle social issues by featuring teenage superheroes battling social evils.

Sajal is part of a star-studded cast that includes the likes of Ahsan Khan, Wahaj Ali, Dananeer Mobeen, Syed Shafaat Ali, Nayyar Ejaz among others.

Ahsan, who voices Havildar Farman, said that the show has been developed with the army in mind.

He said: “The saviours of Pakistan eradicate any danger or negativity in the country.

“These heroes do the same and it consists of one leader and four to five team members.”

Ahsan went on to say that there is not enough content for children.

He continued: “I’ve always felt like we haven’t done enough for kids because we hardly have enough programmes for them.

“I believe Team Muhafiz will add to that. The show values patriotism, harmony and national heroes as well as history, which will educate them.”

Meanwhile, Syed said that some of the evils seen in the show include drug abuse and abduction.

He explained: “When we check our newspapers, there are ads that demand a janitor of a certain religion.

“In our series, there’s nothing as such. The lead character is from a different religion and as a matter of fact, many other characters from the show are also from different religions.

“When we see someone with a beard, dressed in shalwar above ankles wearing kheri (Peshawari chappal) we automatically see them in a negative way, that in the end this character would be a villain.

“The stereotyping in our society is very [prevalent] and we refuse to accept it because we believe it is not our issue.

“So Team Muhafiz rubbishes all these ideologies and concepts and is about celebrating inclusivity.”

Speaking about the storyline, Syed said:

“There is a Pathan character in the show and he is very positive. There is drug mafia that has a boss who is a villain and then there is another man behind him.

Team Muhafiz is a team that has a girl from Hunza, one from Sindh who is a Hindu, a guy from Quetta who is a Christian.

“We’re trying to portray the religious cohesion that exists in our country and how our country doesn’t cater to only the general public, a certain religion or race.

“In Pakistan, there are people of different faiths which we are presenting in the show.”

Syed believes Team Muhafiz is a “localised” version of DC and Marvel comics.

He said: “Everything is realistic in the show and the team is fighting something that is right there in front of us, things that we often don’t talk about or have difficulty in explaining to the children.

“It represents our localised superheroes very well in the sense that these people don’t have superpowers but they are doing everything by volunteering.”

The show releases on June 27, 2022, on Geo and has 10 episodes.

Syed will voice Zane, Sajal Aly plays Parinaaz, Dananeer Mobeen will be Mahnur, Wahaj Ali is Reza, Adeel Khan plays Badshah Khan and Nayyar Ejaz is Rawka.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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