Pakistani Brother marries Step-Sister as act of Revenge

A Pakistani brother has married his step-sister. According to the father, the marriage was arranged as an act of revenge.

Pakistani Brother marries Step-Sister as act of Revenge f

his first wife held a grudge after they divorced

A Pakistani brother and his step-sister have allegedly tied the knot.

Their father, a resident of Bhalwal Tehsil, Sargodha, claimed that the wedding was arranged with the support of his divorced wife and her relatives in an act of revenge.

It was reported that Subhe Khan had been married three times.

His first marriage happened in 1992 to a woman named Khurshid Bibi. It was part of an exchange marriage where his sister was married to Khurshid’s brother.

Following their marriage, Subhe and Khurshid had a son named Sikandar.

However, shortly after the child was born, Subhe’s sister got divorced due to a family dispute.

In an act of support, Subhe decided to divorce his wife.

Subhe explained that he then married Shahnaz Bibi and the couple had a daughter named Zahra.

He later divorced her and married for a third time. Subhe is currently living with his third wife.

According to Subhe, Sikandar and Zahra married without his knowledge. He said he found out five months after the wedding had taken place.

He claimed he found out through a WhatsApp message where it showed a marriage certificate belonging to his two children.

Subhe said that his first wife held a grudge after they divorced and took revenge by luring the two step-siblings into marriage.

He alleged that Khurshid had boasted about her actions to her relatives.

She was also allegedly sending money to Sikandar while also supporting him.

It was reported that the Pakistani brother and Zahra were given a lot of time to spend together alone in order to develop relations.

Subhe said that around four relatives of Khurshid were also involved in the wedding. He identified three as Farzani Bibi, Aqib and Adnan.

Meanwhile, Subhe’s third wife stated that Sikandar used to work at a spice shop in Islamabad.

She said: “We had asked the shop owner to keep an eye on Sikandar.

“The shop owner reported that Sikandar used to work through the day but left the workplace in the evening, saying that he was staying with his friends at a rented house.”

She added that when the shop owner looked into it, he discovered that Sikandar had gotten married.

The shop owner then obtained photos of the marriage certificate from Sikandar’s friends and sent them to Subhe.

Based on Subhe’s complaint, police have registered a case against 10 suspects. Raids were being carried out in order to arrest them.

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