Mia Khalifa reveals how she ‘beat Teenage Pregnancy’

Mia Khalifa faced trolling for bragging about avoiding teenage pregnancy in her 20s, with some netizens sarcastically praising her.

Mia Khalifa reveals how she 'beat Teenage Pregnancy' - f

"You've aced the ultimate bonus level!"

Former adult star Mia Khalifa has announced she “beat teenage pregnancy” now that she’s reached her 30s.

Although she left the industry long ago, she remains active on Instagram.

Her provocative photos on the platform often go viral on social media.

She also frequently faces online trolling related to her photos and her previous career in the adult film industry.

However, this doesn’t deter Mia from expressing her opinions on the platform.

The Lebanese-American hottie made the light-hearted quip in a post to her 5.5 million followers on social media platform X (previously Twitter).

The post read: “Making it through your 20s without kids counts as beating teen pregnancy btw.”

The Pornhub sensation turned 30 on February 10, 2023, and is not known to have any children.

As expected, her fan base loved the comment which was viewed 397,200 times and garnered thousands of likes.

One of her followers on X commented: “You’ve aced the ultimate bonus level!

“Not just beating teen pregnancy, but mastering your 20s like a pro.”

Another wrote: “Oh, absolutely! Dodging teen pregnancy in your 20s is basically the gold medal of adulting, right?”

A third fan noted that “people over 25 are not teenagers” and another added, “Well, I did read somewhere that the instances of teen pregnancy drop to 0% once you reach 20”.

Another X user wrote: “This post is not going to turn out the way you wanted it to.”

Meanwhile, in a recent post on Instagram, Mia Khalifa shared her morning routine with her 27.5 million followers.

In a short video, Mia Khalifa is seen on a balcony of a modern apartment tower wearing a dressing gown and sitting at a bistro table on a sunny morning.

She takes a drink from a shot of yellow liquid before having a gulp of a smoothie.

After looking wistfully off into the distance, she begins to write in her diary.

Interrupting the serene scene, the rap song ‘No Bar’ by City Girls and JT blasts out from an off-camera source, as Mia’s “meditation music”.

At one point, a bird flies into the shot, and Mia acknowledges the bird in her caption by stating, “The bird was a paid actor.”

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