Meera Chopra responds to ‘Unfair Vaccination’ Claims

Indian actress Meera Chopra has taken to social media to respond to accusations of her using unfair means to receive a Covid-19 vaccine.

Meera Chopra responds to 'Unfair Vaccination' Claims f

“I was just asked to send in my Adhaar card."

Meera Chopra, the cousin of actress Priyanka Chopra, has hit back at claims that she received her Covid-19 vaccine unfairly.

People have been suspecting Meera Chopra of getting her jab through unfair means.

Chopra was accused of using a fake identity card to get her vaccine under the frontline category at Thane’s Parking Pass Covid Centre.

However, she has denied the allegations and has taken to social media to set the record straight.

On Sunday, May 30, 2021, Meera Chopra issued a statement on Twitter denying the false allegations.

In the statement, Chopra said:

“We all want to get vaccinated and we all are trying our best to do that.

“Similarly I also tried by asking help from people I knew and after 1 month of trying I was able to get myself registered in one of the centres.

“I was just asked to send in my Adhaar card. The ID which has been flouting on social media is not mine.

“I was asked for my Adhaar card for registration, and that’s the only ID I gave.

“No ID is valid until it has your signature. I myself saw that so-called ID for the first time when it came on Twitter.

“I totally condemn such practices and if any such ID had been made even I would want to know how and why.”

Meera Chopra uploaded a photograph to social media of her getting the Covid-19 vaccine. However, the image has since been deleted.

Officials have now ordered an inquiry into the incident involving the Mumbai-based actress.

Speaking of the inquiry, DMC Sandeep Malavi said:

Thane Municipal Commissioner Vipin Sharma has ordered an inquiry, under the Deputy Municipal Commissioner (health) to find out of this woman actor got vaccinated out of turn.

“The report has to be submitted in three days.”

Meera Chopra is not the only celebrity to be accused of ‘jumping’ the Covid-19 vaccine queue.

Boxer Amir Khan received his first Covid-19 vaccine dose in March 2021.

At the time, the UK’s vaccination rollout only expanded to those over the age of 60.

As a 34-year-old professional athlete with no known health conditions, fans questioned how he got his vaccine so early.

One person said: “What? A healthy young man before 55-year-olds? Nice one.”

Another wrote: “How come? Lots of people older and more vulnerable than a fit fighter? I don’t get it mate? Still waiting for mine?”

However, Amir Khan’s father Shah explained that the boxer received the jab after calling his doctor to say he is visiting his mother.

His mother, Falak Khan, was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer in January 2021.

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Image courtesy of Meera Chopra Instagram

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