Is Shah Rukh Khan Retiring after the Success of ‘Pathaan’?

During an #AskSRK session on Twitter, Shah Rukh Khan responded to a question about retirement. Find out what he said.

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"And maybe even then I will come back hotter.”

Shah Rukh Khan responded to a fan who had asked him about retiring from acting.

The megastar is currently basking in the box office success of Pathaan, which recently crossed the coveted Rs. 1,000 Crore mark (£100 million).

SRK held an #AskSRK session on Twitter and gave his thoughts on retirement.

In response to a fan’s question regarding who will succeed him as the biggest star in Bollywood after he retires, Shah Rukh remarked:

“I will never retire from acting… I will have to be fired… And maybe even then I will come back hotter.”

Although he plans to keep acting, the Bollywood actor admitted that it feels “awkward seeing myself on TV.”

Shah Rukh says he has improved as an actor over time.

When asked what his favourite genre was, SRK responded:

“Now I like to play what I think people would like me to play… I have evolved as an actor I think. My likes are diminishing.”

The superstar’s performance in Pathaan, which came out in January 2023, was his first lead role since Zero in 2018.

Later in the Twitter session, Shah Rukh responded to a person who asked what he did during his break from acting.

SRK revealed: “I just sat at home and watched all the films that I could to become an audience again and not be a movie maker.”

When asked by a French fan how he felt about his film uniting people of all races and nationalities, the celebrity said that a good movie is simply an excuse to display harmony.

He said: “All people are united..a good film just gives them a reason to show the unity in happiness…”

Following Pathaan, Shah Rukh Khan is set to appear in Rajkumar Hirani’s Dunki and Atlee’s Jawan. He revealed that afterwards, he does not have any projects.

He said: “I haven’t started listening to scripts yet.

“Want to sit back and enjoy the release of these two films and then decide.”

Following Pathaan‘s success, fans have been calling for a sequel and Shah Rukh hinted that it is a possibility.

But in a tweet, he asked his fans to ignore any rumours and wait until he makes a formal announcement.

He tweeted: “Not just about Pathaan 2 but every work of mine I will announce and say to you guys personally.

“Please wait for me to tell you the truth, not listen to stupid gossip!”

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