Is ‘Mera Dil Ye Pukare Aja’ TikToker Ayesha breaking into Acting?

Viral TikTok star Ayesha recently shared a self-made acting video on social media for which she is being severely criticised.

Is 'Mera Dil Ye Pukare Aja' TikToker Ayesha breaking into Acting? - f


“Me who was patiently waiting for her only fans.”

An online star was made out of Ayesha, nicknamed Manoo, earlier in November 2022 when a dancing video from a friend’s wedding went viral.

A new TikTok video presents Ayesha showcasing her acting abilities.

The late Lata Mangeshkar’s song, ‘Mera Dil Ye Pukare Aja’ was the subject of praise for the TikToker’s dance and choreography abilities.

Not just in Pakistan but also in India, she has become a viral hit because of her TikTok popularity.

In the video, long-haired Ayesha danced carefree like she was the star of the show while wearing a stunning mehndi-green kurta-trouser.

Some people are wondering why this dance is becoming viral on the internet and what is so unique about it, while others are fawning over her skills and sharing the video.

Since she gained online fame, a new video of Ayesha has now surfaced.

Ayesha appeared in a TikTok video with two other people and demonstrated how attractive she would appear on television, as many believed that ‘Mera Dil Ye Pukare Aja’ was her big break to fame.

In the short clip, 3 men, along with Ayesha act out a scene showcasing an argument between 2 men, with Ayesha and the third man as a police officer trying to get in between to resolve the conflict.

The internet star is making her versatility clear.


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After getting approval from the world for her dancing skills, is her recent TikTok video Ayesha’s journey to join the list of Pakistani television stars?

The public has since reacted to the TikTok video.

Many trolled the internet, hinting that they do not approve of Ayesha’s acting attempt.

One user commented: “She was better when mute.”

A second user said: “3rd class acting.”


Kya dost larki kay pechay dost pay tezab phenk day ga part 1 @oyee_ayesha

? original sound – Malik Abubaker

A comment trolling the star posted a meme of a sad panda bear, attached with a comment which read:

“Me who was patiently waiting for her only fans.”

The internet sensation Ayesha was invited to the Friday airing of Nida Yasir’s Good Morning Pakistan on ARY Digital’s ‘Wedding Masterclass’ series.

On the show, she disclosed the true context of the video.

Although she had heard the song previously, Ayesha revealed to presenters and audiences of the show that it was a spontaneous performance.

“It was my best friend’s wedding so I had to perform and since the song was her wish, and there was no one else to join me.

“I just went ahead alone and did whatever I could on the spot.”

In addition to receiving accolades on social media, the dancer also received appreciation for her elegant attire and fluid dancing abilities from the show’s star guests.

Ayesha, who claimed to be a model and frequently took part in photo sessions, also revealed that since the dancing tape became viral, her Instagram and TikTok followers had been increasing at a rapid rate.

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