Indian Woman gets Father Drunk and sets him on Fire

An Indian woman has been arrested for killing her father by setting him on fire, after getting him drunk in a restaurant in Kolkata.

Indian woman gets Father Drunk and sets him on Fire f

Piyali knew her father liked to drink

An Indian woman has confessed to killing her father by getting him drunk and setting him on fire.

Twenty-two-year-old Piyali Auddy reportedly took her father out for dinner before the incident occurred.

She took her father, 56-year-old Biswanath, to a restaurant in Kolkata on Sunday, March 21, 2021, where she got him drunk.

According to police, the father-daughter duo went for a walk after leaving the restaurant.

While sitting on a bench on the banks of the Hooghly River, Biswanath fell asleep. Piyali then poured kerosene on him before setting him on fire.

CCTV cameras captured the horrific incident, and Piyali has confessed to the police.

The police said that Piyali knew her father liked to drink and used her knowledge to formulate a plan to eventually set him on fire.

According to a report from The Times of India, a police officer said:

“Piyali told her father on Sunday evening that she was going to meet a friend at night, where there would be alcohol and food in abundance. She asked her father to tag along.

“To the rest of the family, she claimed she was unwell and that she was having some stomach pain.

“She told them she was going to the Beliaghata ID hospital for treatment.”

Piyali Auddy’s arrest for setting her father on fire came after her uncle lodged a complaint to the police.

During her interrogation, Piyali told the police that her father would torture her both physically and emotionally.

The police officer who questioned her said:

“During interrogation, she claimed that after her mother died when she was a child, her father started physically assaulting her and also used to torture her emotionally.

“However, it stopped after she got married.

“But, as her marriage broke off and she returned home, the torture started again.”

The police officer also added that they are verifying Piyali’s claims of physical and emotional abuse.

The 22-year-old appeared in court on Monday, March 22, 2021. She will remain in police custody until Monday, March 29, 2021.

Indians committing murder by setting their victims on fire is not unheard of.

In October 2020, a woman was burned to death after a man and his friends gang-raped her and set her alight.

Twenty-year-old Gulnaz Khatoon of Bihar was allegedly killed due to refusing a marriage proposal.

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