Indian Man racially abused by US Man in Poland

In a shocking video, an American man filmed himself racially abusing an Indian man whilst on the streets of Warsaw, Poland.

Indian Man racially abused by US Man in Poland f

"Why are you coming to the white man's land?"

A video of an Indian man being racially abused by an American man in Poland.

It is believed that the incident happened outside the Atrium Reduta Shopping Centre in Warsaw.

In the video, the American man films and approaches the Indian man, who is believed to be living in Poland.

He first asks: “Do you speak English?”

When the Indian man says he does, the American asks:

“Why are you in Poland?”

The Indian immediately feels uncomfortable by the fact that he is being filmed. Even though he asks for the camera to be turned off, the American continues.

The perpetrator then tells him that there are too many Indians in America before claiming that the man “invaded” Poland.

He continues to follow and question the man, who tries to ignore him and walks away.

The man is heard saying: “Why don’t you go back to your own country? Why don’t you go back to India?”

When the Indian man urges the American to stop filming, he bizarrely says:

“This is my country, I’m European and Europeans want to know why do you think you have the right to invade our country. Why are your people invading our homeland?

“Why are you coming to the white man’s land?”

He claims he is European despite his American accent.

The abuser then calls the man a “parasite” and claims that he is “genociding our race”.

He continues to follow the man and accuse him of “invading Poland”.

When the Indian urges him to stop filming, the man repeatedly swears at him and states that Poland is “his country”, referencing the largely white population.

The American tells the Indian man “to apologise for f*****g up Europe”.

He also tells him that he does not want “tech support”.

Meanwhile, the man continues to try and get away.

He tells the man:

“You’re an invader. Go home. Go home. Go home invader, get out of Europe. Leave.”

The American eventually walks away but not before telling his victim to “go home” one more time.

The video amassed more than 180,000 views and social media users quickly criticised the racist abuse while also praising the victim for not reacting.

Netizens pointed out that the perpetrator was Jon Minadeo II, a white supremacist who is the leader of the ‘Goyim Defence League’.

The GDL is responsible for over three dozen antisemitic harassment campaigns across the United States.

The racist attack comes after a group of Indian women were racially abused by a US-Mexican woman in Texas.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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