Fawad Khan details Relationship with Mahira Khan

On Excuse Me with Ahmed Ali Butt, Fawad Khan opened up about his bond with Mahira Khan and the possibility of working with her more.

Fawad Khan details Relationship with Mahira Khan f

"there’s a relationship of respect and you become more careful"

On Excuse Me with Ahmed Ali Butt, Fawad Khan spoke about his bond with Mahira Khan.

The pair shot to fame when they played the lead roles of Khirad and Ashar in Humsafar.

Ahmed spoke about the drama and said it became a phenomenon which resulted in Fawad becoming a household name. 

Fawad replied: “Humsafar gave me a lot, but I don’t think it was because of the story, many stories were being told like that at the time.

“I think it was the combination of the people who did it. The song had a lot to do with it too. What a song.

“I wasn’t in love with it but I have fond memories. It’s like you said, it made me a household name. But if you ask me would I do it again, no I wouldn’t.”

Ahmed said Mahira played a strong character and compared their pairing to Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol.

He pointed out that fans wanted to see Mahira and Fawad work together on more projects and questioned why he did not work as much with her.

“Did you make it a point to work less with one another so there would be value in your work?”

Fawad replied: “I think yes, you have to think about this otherwise you kill the novelty of it.

“But more so, there’s a relationship of respect and you become more careful, treading professionally.

“When you become close to someone your relationship becomes complicated the more you work with them.

“Don’t mix work with friendship, you become careful so you don’t give the impression that you’re using one another.”

Fawad Khan also complemented Mahira on her work ethic.

He proceeded to share his thoughts about Sanam Saeed and said he would like to see her work more.

“Sanam is such a gifted actor. Oh my God, she is such a controlled actor.

“I would be more interested in just seeing what it would look like if she over-acted.”

The conversation turned to Bollywood and Fawad Khan if he preferred working with Alia Bhatt or Sonam Kapoor.

Fawad revealed: “That’s like asking me if I like my mum better than my dad.”

He did not go on to answer the question but it was clear that he enjoyed working with both actresses.

The podcast was enjoyed by many Fawad fans and he was called a genuine and down-to-earth person.

One fan wrote: “Enjoyed the conversation, he seems to be a genuine guy unlike most of the stars we see.

“That is what sets him apart. Thank you for inviting your favourite ‘hero’. May he prosper and stay healthy.”

Another said: “Fawad Khan sir is a brilliant actor and to top it all so suave, cool and genuine. I loved listening to him. More power to him. Thank you so much for this excellent podcast.”

A third commented: “I am blown away by this beautiful side of Fawad.

“The way he changes expressions every second, not only a fantastic and mind-blowing actor but also a beautiful human being.

“Wow, Allah created such a beautiful person and a lot of thanks to Ahmed for showing all his hidden talents.”

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