Fans show Support for Karan Kundrra after Abusive Messages

Fans have shown their support for Karan Kundrra after some fans of his girlfriend Tejasswi Prakash abused him on social media.

Fans show Support for Karan Kundrra after Fake Messages f

"Lowest of lows has been achieved by certain fandom"

Karan Kundrra became angry with a section of fans who targeted him with abuse on social media.

It was reported that a fan of his girlfriend Tejasswi Prakash created a series of abusive messages and made it seem they were from Karan.

The hater also threatened to leak them.

Some fans also believed that Tejasswi’s career would benefit without Karan.

This angered Karan and he responded to the haters on Twitter.

He wrote: “Wow..! Lowest of lows has been achieved by certain fandom… editing pics, morphing abuses, maligning their own name lol.. you must be so proud of them T (Tejasswi) #AreYouSerious!!!!”

His girlfriend Tejasswi came out in support, stating that such people cannot be her fans.

“Proud of? I am confused, such people can’t be my fans, people who have these thoughts about you or for that matter about anyone.

“I still am with my guy to make him understand but people need to understand when you use such harsh words against someone.

“People can break, peace.”

Despite the hate, Karan said that the comments do not affect him.

“Awe baby you take things very seriously lol.

“These frustrated low lives don’t affect me and the only thing that’s breaking here is their hypocrisy.”

In another tweet, Karan said: “Baby. You come back soon I will handle these stupid people.”

Fans of the Bigg Boss 15 stars came out in support of Karan.

One person said: “The real TejaTroops will always respect Teja’s choices and they have proved it those who don’t are just haters disguised as troops/squads or even fam for this case.”

Another tweeted:

“Karan Kundrra, remember we love you so much and we’re always here for you.”

A third wrote: “Haters no matter how hard you guys try to set wrong narratives against him but you people can never pull him down!!

“We’ll never let anything happen to him, we can fight the whole world to protect him. We love you Karan Kundrra.”

The vast amount of support led to ‘We Support KKundrra’ trending on Twitter.

Many posted messages of appreciation for Karan along with pictures.

One supporter commented: “A celebrity needs his fandom on his back during his toughest period.

“Karan Kundrra is a person who really loves and cares for his squad So this time squad keep loving and supporting him as he’s a rockstar.”

Another said: “No matter what happens we will always support him.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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