Deepika Padukone shows ‘Middle Finger’ To Spanish Press

As filming for Pathaan continues in Spain, Deepika Padukone was pictured giving the ‘middle finger’ to the Spanish press.

Deepika Padukone shows 'Middle Finger' To Spanish Press f

"Have people been clicking despite being asked not to?"

A behind-the-scenes picture from Pathaan has circulated online, showing Deepika Padukone giving the ‘middle finger’ to the Spanish press.

Meanwhile, Shah Rukh Khan stood next to her on a balcony.

Deepika Padukone had been wearing a long winter coat over a white bikini top and orange thigh-high slit skirt whilst giving the middle finger.

SRK was seen in denim and a black coat whilst holding a cigarette.

The pair are currently in Spain filming Pathaan.

The viral picture has led to a mixed social media response as some believe she was annoyed by her picture being taken while others feel she was joking.

One person shared the picture on social media and wrote:

“Deepika Padukone’s gesture is probably directed at those who took photos of the shoot from the public street.”

Another speculated: “What’s happening? Have people been clicking despite being asked not to? Is she angry because of those bikini photos?

“Those photos looked awkward so I don’t think they were leaked on purpose.”

Another felt Deepika’s showing of the middle finger was no big deal, writing:

“Let the film release first before you people start jumping to conclusions and it’s common nowadays to show middle finger what’s the big deal.

“If this was done by any Hollywood actress it would be named as cool iconic.

“Kendall Jenner does it often, the comments are so dumb.”

One said:

“Both SRK and DP are fire. DP showing the finger and SRK watching her with a cigarrete in his hand, smoking.”

“Don’t be Holier than thou they look cool, there’s the vibe and so there’s hype too. Love it. Pathaan is gonna rock.”

Others did not see the funny side, trolling Deepika Padukone for being rude to the media.

One said that if a male actor did this, several questions would be raised.

Another said: “The same thing audience gonna do when the movie releases.”

Much of social media believe Deepika Padukone was genuinely annoyed by the press following a series of leaked pictures from the set.

Leaked pictures showed Deepika in a neon yellow bikini walking by the pool while Shah Rukh showed off his muscular body transformation.

Another saw Deepika in a black and white printed bikini.

Pathaan marks Shah Rukh and Deepika’s fourth film together.

It is set to release on January 25, 2023.

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