Criminal punched & tried to rob Elderly Man on Mobility Scooter

A “cold-hearted” criminal attacked an elderly man on a mobility scooter in Birmingham in which he punched and tried to rob him.

Criminal punched & tried to rob Elderly Man on Mobility Scooter f

Akhtar punched the victim before tearing off his glasses

Zahid Akhtar, aged 36, of no fixed address, was sentenced to four years in prison after he attacked an elderly man.

Birmingham Crown Court heard the “cold-hearted criminal” tried to rob the victim on his mobility scooter.

Akhtar punched his victim, demanding money. He was only stopped when two passers-by saw what was happening and grabbed him.

He also pulled off the elderly man’s glasses.

Akhtar spotted the man, who is in his 70s, in the Moseley area of Birmingham as he was returning from the shops on May 26, 2020.

He grabbed hold of the elderly man from behind and tried to pull him from the scooter, shouting:

“Give me the money.”

Akhtar punched the victim before tearing off his glasses and throwing them onto the ground. The attack left the victim with a cut to his face.

As Akhtar tried to leave, a passing cyclist who had seen the assault stopped to help and along with another member of the public, they grabbed Akhtar and managed to hold onto him until police officers arrived and arrested him.

Akhtar pleaded guilty to assault with intent to rob. He was sentenced on August 4 to four years in prison.

After sentencing, DC Jeff Brooks, of Force CID, praised the actions of the passers-by for preventing Akhtar from getting away.

He said: “The passing cyclist courageously stepped in when he saw what was happening to this elderly man and with the help of another passer-by managed to apprehend Akhtar.

“We can only praise their community spirit and thank them for their actions which have helped us put a cold-hearted criminal behind bars.”

There have been numerous cases of criminals targeting elderly victims.

In one incident, a drug addict robbed a 90-year-old man after following him into his home.

On January 12, 2020, the elderly man had gone shopping on Stratford Road when Salim Amir offered him some cheap alcohol.

The victim refused but was followed home by Amir who was wearing a hooded top and gloves.

As he was opening his front door, Amir came up behind him and pushed him over.

Amir then grabbed the man by the throat. He took a wallet containing £30 from his jacket pocket and a gold wedding ring from his finger.

Charles Crinion, prosecuting, explained that the ring had been given to the victim by his wife who had died 13 years earlier and was of sentimental value.

The man suffered cuts and bruises.

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