Bangladeshi Teacher & Student Sextape sparks Outrage

An explicit video purportedly of a Bangladeshi teacher and university student has circulated online, sparking outrage on social media.

Bangladeshi Teacher & Student Sextape sparks Outrage f

"Make me touch your waist and kiss the whole body."

An explicit video believed to be between a Bangladeshi teacher and a student has circulated online, sparking backlash.

In addition to the sextape, explicit text messages between the pair have also come to light.

The video is believed to be of teacher Mahir Asef and 19-year-old Tripty Rahman, a university student who is part of RAJUK in Dhaka.

Grainy footage shows the pair having sex from Mahir’s point of view.

Afterwards, they are lying in bed together, cheekily looking at each other.

Explicit messages were also sent between the pair.

Messages from Mahir feature him asking Tripty to perform various sex acts on him as well as telling her the sex acts he wanted to perform on her.

It is believed that the pair are in a relationship as messages from Tripty showed that she reciprocated Mahir’s texts.

In one instance, Tripty sent Mahir a picture of herself in a saree.

Reacting to the picture, Mahir said:

“My God! Feed me everything you can mommy.

“Make me touch your waist and kiss the whole body.”

Tripty replied: “I will honey.”

Bangladeshi Teacher & Student Sextape sparks Outrage

Additional messages between the pair involved organising meetups outside of class for sex.

In various selfies, Tripty and Mahir are seen smiling together.

Mahir has also featured in some of Tripty’s TikTok videos.

Although Tripty is an adult, the relationship has caused controversy due to it being between a teacher and a student.

While some criticised Mahir for abusing his position as a teacher, many aimed jibes at Tripty, who is active on social media.

Many claimed that she leaked her own explicit video.

On Facebook, one said: “Think before you do, not think after doing.”

Another wrote: “Having the sweetest relationship in the world – Sir and student.”

It is reported that Mahir is an English teacher and as a result, some users made references to the subject in the comments.

One stated: “I want to be your English teacher.”

Others claimed she made a mistake by having a relationship with Mahir.

Despite the scandal, Tripty has continued to remain on social media.

Aware of the sextape and message leaks, Tripty has talked about staying strong.

In the caption of one picture, she said:

“Stay strong, when everything is going against you.”

In another, she wrote: “I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong.”

Tripty also hit back at those who accused her of making a mistake, saying:

“I did not make a mistake, you are good people, why are you ending my life with false slander? Let me live this time! I have a life too.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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