Ayeza Khan would be ‘Kicked Out’ for behaving like Mubashira

Ayeza Khan delved into her ‘Mein’ role and said she would be “kicked out of the house” if she behaved like Mubashira Jaffer.

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"I can’t be Mubashira, I will get kicked out of the house.”

Ayeza Khan has spoken about her character in the popular drama serial Mein and admitted if she behaved like Mubashira Jaffer, she would be kicked out of her house.

A video was shared on Murtaza Ali Shah’s YouTube channel in which Ayeza was shown dressed in an elegant green outfit walking through a crowd of guests as she made her way on stage for a short interview.

Ayeza admitted that her role as Mubashira was an aggressive one and said she could never be that way in reality.

She went on to say that there was a huge difference between Mubashira and Ayeza and that such aggression would not be tolerated in real life.

Ayeza praised her husband, fellow actor Danish Taimoor, for understanding her transitions between her real-life and reel-life characters.

“Had my husband not been an actor, he may not have known when I am Mubashira and when I am Ayeza.

“In real life, I can’t be Mubashira, I will get kicked out of the house.”

Ayeza shared a story about her son Rayyan who saw the trailer to Mein and thought his mother was angry at him.

She continued: “I think, my son, I was excited to see myself in character when the promo came out, I was like ‘I’m perfect’ and he said to me ‘You said it so angrily, you aren’t angry at me are you?’

“He got really scared because he has never seen me that angry.”

Ayeza spoke more about her role in Mein and admitted that she did not bring her characters home with her, revealing that she knew how to differentiate and detach from her on-screen characters.


The short clip was full of praise and admiration towards Ayeza Khan and it is evident that she has a wonderful fan base who enjoy watching her on television.

One comment read: “Ayeza is indeed the number one actress, with extraordinary beauty. What a versatile actress. I love her.”

Another said: “Masha’Allah Ayeza, you are perfect.”

Ayeza Khan has proved that she is a seasoned actress who can bring to life any role she signs up for.

Known for her romantic and girl-next-door roles, Ayeza has also proved herself as a comedy genius in the drama serial Chupke Chupke for which she won the HUM Award for Best Actress and Lux Style Award for Best TV Actress.

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