Aiman Zaman & Mujtaba Lakhani tie the Knot

Aiman Zaman and Mujtaba Lakhani recently shared pictures from their wedding, posing in a picturesque setting.

Aiman Zaman & Mujtaba Lakhani tie the Knot f

“I thought they were already married…”

Aiman Zaman and Mujtaba Lakhani have announced their marriage with a series of Nikkah photos.

Aiman was clad in a purple lehenga with traditional jewellery to match while Mujtaba wore a white Sherwani suit.

They posed against the background of a seaside. Some photos even featured an arch made of flowers.

Both of them rose to fame through TikTok, with Aiman now starring in drama serials as well.

She has been a part of various hits including Jannat Say Aagay, Chanda, Baylagaam, Kacha Dhaga, Inaam-e-Mohabbat and Soteli Maamta.

Aiman Zaman & Mujtaba Lakhani tie the Knot

The couple had been making TikTok videos together for a long time. They were seen together enjoying various occasions.

This left many netizens believing that the couple had already wed.

However, with Aiman posting the Nikkah pictures now, the couple has been subject to criticism.

Many people are saying that they have engaged in ‘haram’ for years, deeming it unnecessary to make their relationship ‘halal’ now.

Another said; “I thought they were already married…”

One asked: “They got married just now? Weren’t they married? They made TikToks together.”

One commented: “You did everything before Nikkah so what’s the use now?

“Before Nikkah you’re not allowed to touch non mehram. And you put her in your lap!”

Another remarked: “What was the need for marriage now? You shameless people were doing everything beforehand anyway.”

Many people mocked the couple, leaving sarcastic comments.

One user said: “Finally before pregnancy reveal.”

Another said:

“Their fusion has started. They’ll probably produce 15-20.”

One remarked: “That’s a very paindo colour to wear. Doesn’t look good at all.”

Before the Nikkah post, the couple posted photos and stories from their Sangeet night as well. They attracted a lot of attention but not the positive kind.

One user said: “Sangeet is a Hindu tradition!”

Another wrote: “Shame on you sister. We are Muslims!”

Aiman Zaman & Mujtaba Lakhani tie the Knot 2

Besides the negative comments, many supported and praised the couple as well.

One of them said: “I swear that every time when I look at this couple I cry, without looking at this couple my life couldn’t go on because it’s for this couple that I smile, laugh, cry, everything.”

Another wrote: “Aimuj being the prettiest dulha and dulhan of the year finally it has started Allhamadullilah.”

The response to their wedding has mostly been negative. People are shaming Aiman Zaman and Mujtaba Lakhani for their intimate relationship before getting married.

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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