5 Most Exotic Indian Ice Cream Flavours

DESIblitz presents 5 absolutely irresistible Indian ice cream flavours that will introduce you to a new dimension of heavenly sweet treats this summer!

5 Most Exotic Indian Ice Cream Flavours

A scattering of nuts elevates this ice cream to a crunchy treat with intensity.

You know it’s ice cream weather when the temperature is soaring and the only thing you heart desires is a nap under the tree in the sun.

Not only is this sweet treat a real relief from the scorching heat, the variety of flavours put it up there with the greatest of food.

India, home to an array of exotic fruits and spices, is not short of creative ranges of ice cream flavours.

So if you are bored of the good old vanilla, wrap your mouth around our top picks of Indian ice cream that will keep you chilled throughout the sweltering summer!


5 Most Exotic Indian Ice Cream FlavoursWith the mango season upon us, the combination of this beautiful fruit and ice cream make for the perfect tropical treat.

So why not make your summer even more exotic with a scoop of this zesty ice cream?

It’s rich, fruity and vibrant – making it a popular choice for a refreshing sweet treat.

And the best part is you can easily make it at home with this recipe which requires only two simple ingredients!

Try adding a squeeze of lime to intensify the tanginess of this sweet mango dessert.


5 Most Exotic Indian Ice Cream FlavoursAs the third largest coconut producing countries in the world, it comes as no surprise that this nutritious fruit is used extensively in Indian cuisine.

Its versatility also makes it a highly desirable flavour to use in desserts.

With its light and dreamy taste, this tantalising soft scoop of ice cream is a dream to counter the heatwave on any given day.

A scattering of nuts goes well with this pudding, elevating its smooth and sweet texture to a crunchy treat with intensity.

Dessert lovers of all ages will find it hard to resist this real tropical delight.

Follow this simple recipe to create this bowl of bliss this summer.

Anjeer Badam

5 Most Exotic Indian Ice Cream FlavoursThis amazingly luscious ice cream with the rich flavour of figs and roasted almonds is perfect for those seeking a plush food indulgence.

Marrying this bell-shaped fruit with nuts work delightfully and the result is nothing less than fit for royalty.

Figs are rich in potassium, a mineral that helps control blood pressure and fluid balance in our bodies.

Their mellow flavour combined with the delicate taste of almonds adds another dimension to fruity ice creams.

Drizzle ribbons of honey over the ice cream to intensify the depth of this cool and creamy treat.

While this combination is difficult to find in most shops or restaurants in the UK, you can try out this recipe to recreate a heavenly dessert at home.

Kesar Pista

5 Most Exotic Indian Ice Cream FlavoursThis fragrant, luxurious and textured ice cream is made with one of the most precious and expensive spices in the world – saffron.

Fused with the saltiness of pistachios, this is the ideal frozen sensation for your taste buds!

A combination of these traditional Indian ingredients makes it a widespread favourite among South Asians.

Add a splash of rose water to this dessert to create a more authentic and complex character.

To whip up this delicious treat at home, check out this 10-quick-steps recipe.


5 Most Exotic Indian Ice Cream FlavoursAnother exquisite and expensive spice, cardamom is a popular ingredient for Indian dessert.

You will be pleasantly surprised by its unique aroma when the ice cream melts in your mouth and explodes into all sorts of wonderful flavours.

Its health benefits are endless – from acting as an anti-depressant to treating dental problems and improving blood circulation.

Top it up with a sprinkle of rose water and a handful of pistachios or almonds for an extra kick of indulgence to this mouth-watering sweet.

This unbelievably easy to follow recipe will ensure your taste buds are thoroughly pampered in the heat.

Making your own ice cream at home with these amazingly simple recipes will allow you to sample so many more flavours than what is readily available in stores and supermarkets.

Experience a different dimension of sweetness whilst sharpening your culinary skills is going to be an addictive and fun ride that generously rewards your taste buds!

Gayatri, a Journalism and Media graduate is a foodie with an interest in books, music and films. She is a travel bug, enjoys learning about new cultures and lives by the motto “Be blissful, gentle and fearless.”

Images courtesy of Recipe Hubs, Salius Food, Pastry Studio, Pastry Chef Online and Cook with Manali

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