DESIblitz Truck Art Bus

DESIblitz Truck Art Bus

The DESIblitz Truck Art Bus

According to UK’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, British South Asian communities currently have the lowest UK arts participation rates of all surveyed ethnicities.

In our experience, this is at least partly due to a lack of representation in the professional spheres which generate artistic output.

Whilst on the surface smartphones and other technological advances have normalised photography, filmmaking and digital journalism for younger generations, the absence of visible role models reinforces negative community perceptions regarding the achievability of, financial viability of and access to arts-based careers.

Additionally, as the majority of galleries, theatres and art spaces are situated in city centres, COVID-related restrictions and the disproportionate health impact upon Asian, black and other minorities have exacerbated the already low Asian engagement with mainstream arts.

The DESIblitz Truck Art Bus takes art(s) directly into communities, playing a valuable role in addressing inequality of access whilst providing DESIblitz and other organisations a platform upon which to build participation.

At the same time, the bus provides exposure for British South Asian authors and artists to build their profiles within the community and support their career development.

About the Truck Art Bus

Haider Ali the world-renowned professional truck artist from Pakistan was commissioned by DESIblitz in July 2022 to decorate a ex-National Express minibus into the traditional Punjabi ‘Truck Art’ style buses of India and Pakistan.

The hand-painted decoration by Haider Ali, supported by the DESIblitz team took place in many parts of the Birmingham city centre providing passersby an opportunity to see the artist at work. Including outside the Ikon Gallery and Aston University.

This one-of-its-kind bus and artwork have been produced with highly effective visuals, personalising the bus to reflect the South Asian experience on wheels, for use by DESIblitz and other organisations across the UK to drastically improve British Asian community engagement in the arts.

The bus project aims to increase the influence and awareness of South Asian arts to communities from all different backgrounds and expand on how the various art forms have a strong connection with the fabric of British society as a whole.

Cultural Exhibitions

DESIblitz has curated a number of special onboard educational exhibitions which utilise the DESIblitz Truck Art Bus as the platform to deliver them. These include the following but this experience can be tailored to meet your individual needs or organisational needs.

  • Reel Bard – Experience the Magic of Shakespeare and Bollywood with the unique DESIblitz Truck Art Bus Film Tour! The physical exhibition is presented within the bus on large and small format exhibition panel boards. This exhibition also includes a special 30-minute-long film highlighting how Shakespeare has influenced Bollywood films and features Bollywood director Vishal Bhardwaj, the man behind a trilogy of films, alongside other academics and film enthusiasts. The film features incredible 3D animations which illustrate historical pretexts.
  • The Reality of Partition – the physical exhibition is presented within the bus on large and small format exhibition panel boards. This exhibition includes a film featuring survivors of the harrowing and heart-wrenching 1947 Partition of India. The film shows what people went through during this tragic period with 3D animations illustrating what the survivors experienced and endured.
  • Rolling stories – Step aboard our uniquely designed, eye-catching Truck Art Bus as we take you on a captivating journey to ignite the love for reading and storytelling. This mobile literary experience aims to promote literacy, cultural appreciation, and creativity, especially among young minds. This is an opportunity to host renowned and talented authors, who will share their inspiring stories, conduct interactive sessions, and engage young people in exciting literary activities. Imagine the thrill and anticipation as young minds eagerly await the arrival of the magnificent Truck Art Bus and the incredible authors it brings along!
  • Art on Wheels – Truck art bus on-site with a colouring-in activity of a truck art bus on A4 paper – Aimed at primaries and nurseries. Our facilitators engage students in interactive discussions, encouraging them to share their thoughts, insights, and interpretations of the truck art and its history. It’s a chance for students to delve deeper into the cross-cultural connections between art, fostering critical thinking and cultural appreciation.

These diverse exhibitions and others are available for booking with the bus, providing tremendous insights into South Asian history and culture packaged in a visual and educational format.

The exhibitions have already been delivered in many schools and educational establishments.

How to Book

With its unique presence, the DESIblitz Truck Arts Bus always attracts a lot of interest and is a perfect fit for public or private events, functions, targeted marketing, publicity and community campaigns.

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