Why does Rishi Sunak think China is a ‘Major Threat’?

During an interview in the United States, Rishi Sunak spoke about why he thinks China is a “major threat”.

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“And it’s a systemic challenge for the world order.”

Rishi Sunak calls China the “biggest threat” to the global economy in a new interview, which aired in the United States.

As part of his efforts to repair relations across the pond, the Prime Minister spoke about a range of subjects during the NBC primetime slot.

In reaction to hostile states, Mr Sunak, who arrived in San Diego on March 12, 2023, has committed to raising defence expenditure by about £5 billion over the following two years.

Mr Sunak shared his concerns about China with journalist Lester Holt at the USS Midway Museum before meeting with Joe Biden and Anthony Albanese to talk about the AUKUS treaty.

He said: “The behaviour that we’ve seen in China over recent times is concerning.”

The Prime Minister also stated that Beijing is “operating in a more authoritarian way at home” and is “more forceful outside” in a preview for the interview.

He added: “China represents the biggest state threat to our economic interests, for sure.

“And it’s a systemic challenge for the world order.”

In the 18 months after the AUKUS defence deal was signed, Rishi Sunak was questioned about how the UK would react if China attacked Taiwan but he avoided giving straight answers.

However, he pointed out that the UK has supported Ukraine sufficiently:

“I think the best thing we can do to deter hostile action by any state anywhere is doing what we’re doing right now in Ukraine.

“And that’s where we’ve seen an illegal, unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

“And the right thing to have done in that circumstance is to provide Ukraine with all the support that it needs to defend itself.”

To compete with China, the AUKUS deal intends to send nuclear-powered submarines to Australia.

China referred to the submarine agreement as “a blatant act of nuclear proliferation” that jeopardises the peace and stability of the region.

The assertion made by Sunak that China is “the biggest threat to our economic interests” is also disputed by Tory MPs.

Alicia Kearns warned Mr Sunak that the danger from China “should not be seen as primarily economic”.

The Conservative chair of the Commons foreign affairs committee said:

“That is to fail to understand China is foremost seeking to undermine our national security and sovereignty.”

“Because no county can have economic security without national security.”

According to another Tory MP, progress on a trade agreement will be the “real test” for the special relationship.

The MP added: “There has never been any question of our security relationship with the US but our trade relationship has become strained.

“The jury is out on whether Sunak has rekindled the special relationship.”

Ilsa is a digital marketeer and journalist. Her interests include politics, literature, religion and football. Her motto is “Give people their flowers whilst they’re still around to smell them.”

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