Sajal Aly claims Parents need to be ‘Taught’ how to Treat Kids

Teenager Dua Zehra went missing and was later found in Lahore. Celebrities, including Sajal Aly, have reacted.

Sajal Aly claims Parents need to be 'Taught' how to Treat Kids f

"Parents should get weekly classes"

Sajal Aly has reacted to the Dua Zehra case, stating that parents should be taught how to deal with their children.

Karachi-based Dua Zehra is a teenager who went missing from her home.

Her parents claimed that she was kidnapped. Dua was later found in Lahore and she revealed that she got married.

In a statement, she alleged that her parents physically abused her and were planning to get her married to someone she did not want to marry.

As a result, she ran away and married out of free will.

A court in Lahore has now ruled that Dua is free to live with her husband.

Dua’s situation prompted a lot of reactions as she said she is 18 while her parents claim she is actually 14-years-old.

Armeena Khan said: “Dua is a child (a minor) and she belongs to her parents until she is 18.

“Under Pakistani law, if she has been subjected to child marriage, then it is still rape and abduction.

“A court marriage or a nikah cannot take place under false pretence.”

Osman Khalid Butt requested people to refrain from making false comments on the matter.

He said: “Kindly reserve your judgments and do not share any unverified statements till the entire matter comes to light.

“We’ve all seen, just in recent days, how unconfirmed (and wholly incorrect) news becomes the ‘truth’ just on the basis of how frequently it’s shared. Stop this.

“What this godforsaken platform doesn’t need more of your hot takes; what it needs is your empathy.”

Sajal Aly has now reacted to the matter, stating that children are not the only ones who need to be taught how to behave.

She explained that parents need to be educated on how to treat their children.

Sajal took to Twitter and wrote:

“I believe, along with teaching children how to behave and conduct themselves, we should also teach parents how to treat their children.

“Parents should get weekly classes (one hour a week, minimum) on how to deal with children and their dilemmas.”

Sajal’s tweet garnered a mixed response.

While some netizens agreed with her, others criticised her, as a celebrity, for making such a statement.

One person said:

“Oh please, you people stay away from these kinds of statements.”

Another said: “When your drama culture and the so call relationship exist what will you expect?

“Did you think about yourself? Do you teach them?

“Just for money, you people making dramas which motivate them to do this. First, take classes by yourself.”

Some people even decided to mock her personal life, in which her marriage to Ahad Raza Mir is reportedly on the verge of divorce.

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