Rakhi Sawant says Salman Khan made her a Better Person

Rakhi Sawant has credited Salman Khan for making her a better person, revealing he has taught her things that even her family didn’t.

Rakhi Sawant says Salman Khan made her a Better Person f

"Salman Khan improved me on Bigg Boss."

Rakhi Sawant has praised Salman Khan, saying he has changed her for the better.

Following her time on Bigg Boss 14, she said she learnt things from Salman and the show that even her family did not teach her.

On the reality show, Rakhi was involved in a controversial moment where she lashed out at the other contestants.

This prompted Salman to have a private conversation with her.

During their conversation, Salman stated that he has always supported her but then criticised her behaviour, saying that the show does not need to cross the line in the name of entertainment.

He then told her that if she cannot control her behaviour, she should quit the show.

Salman told her: “I have always supported you. However, if this is entertainment, then we don’t want it.

“If you cannot stop yourself from crossing a line, then you can quit the show right now.”

However, Rakhi remained on the show and reached the finale.

She has now said Salman has made her a better person.

Rakhi explained: “See, I was too upfront and outspoken.

“Salman Khan improved me on Bigg Boss. He made me promise not to use abusive language on the show and outside it.

“He told me that he is always going to be watching me and all my videos.

“He watches all my videos, he even watched the one where I put a machine in my nose.

“He told me, ‘Whatever you do, I am watching you. I want to see a change in you after leaving Bigg Boss. I want to see you doing lots of work, not that you get noticed by saying just about anything. No, that’s over now’.

“I promised him.”

She went on to reveal that previously, she did not have anyone to teach her how to carry herself but she is learning now.

Rakhi continued: “Salman Khan ji has made a huge contribution.

“I never learnt from my family what I learnt from Salman Khan and Bigg Boss.”

Rakhi Sawant had previously praised Salman for helping her with her mother’s cancer treatment. In April 2021, she said:

“Salman bhai, you saved my mother. I don’t want anything in my life, I just want my mother.”

Her mother also thanked Salman, saying:

“I used to pray to Jesus and think that since we don’t have the financial means to fund my treatment, will I die like this?

“But God gave me an angel in the form of Salman Khan.

“He and his family are the reason that I am able to get this operation done. I thank God and Salman.”

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