Pori Moni lashes out at Bidya Sinha Mim & Raihan Rafi

Bangladeshi actress Pori Moni has lashed out at director Raihan Rafi and Bidya Sinha Ram, aiming a jibe at her on Facebook.

Pori Moni lashes out at Bidya Sinha Mim & Raihan Rafi f

"You should have been content with your own husband."

Bangladeshi actress Pori Moni has angrily lashed out at director Raihan Rafi and fellow actress Bidya Sinha Mim.

Pori had previously expressed her dismay when her husband Sariful Razz held Bidya’s hand at a promotional event for their film Damal.

She has now taken to Facebook to aim a dig at Bidya, claiming that she was trying to get with other men.

Tagging her husband, Raihan and Bidya, Pori wrote:

“You should have been content with your own husband.”

She also accused Raihan of “brokerage”, implying he is pimping Bidya out.

To her husband, Pori said: “You shouldn’t have let it go this far.”

Although the actress’ anger at Bidya has been known for some time, it is still unclear about Raihan Rafi’s role in the matter.

Bidya Sinha Mim has since responded to Pori’s claims.

Without mentioning any names, Bidya called the accusations “baseless” and said that the perpetrator is “jealous” of her success.

In a Facebook post, Bidya said:

“I am constantly trying to win the hearts of all, including fans and well-wishers, through my accomplishments and values instilled in me by my father and honesty taught by my mother.

“I have never been associated with anything in my professional life that may make my path questionable.”

Following the success of Poran and Damal, Bidya continued:

“At this particular time, a party – jealous of my success – is trying to hinder my journey by spreading rumours about me.

“I have no words to criticise those who are spreading these baseless accusations against me without any evidence.”

She also warned of legal action against those who are circulating these rumours against her.

Pori Moni was previously embroiled in controversy when she was arrested after police found drugs at her home.

She spent nearly a month in prison.

Pori also filed a false case against Nasir Uddin Mahmood, a businessman. She claimed he sexually assaulted her at the Boat Club in Ashulia, Uttara.

She asked Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for justice on Facebook.

Mahmood and businessman Tuhin Siddique Omi were later arrested by the Bangladesh Police but Mahmood was eventually released on bail.

A week after the incident, Pori was accused of vandalism at the Gulshan All Community Club.

The club’s president, KM Alamgir Iqbal, accused her of vandalising the club on the night of June 7, 2021, at a press conference.

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