Nishat Priom expresses dismay at TV Industry’s Decline

Nishat Priom spoke about her career and also gave her thoughts on the current state of the Bangladeshi TV industry.

Nishat Priom expresses dismay at TV Industry's Decline f

"sadly the 'view' trend is harming the industry"

Nishat Priom discussed her career, upcoming projects and the current state of the Bangladeshi television industry.

Her latest project is Daag, a film streaming on Chorki.

Expressing her love for OTT platforms, Nishat said:

“I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to work in all OTT platforms of Bangladesh in my career.

“Though television is my root, OTT is the medium I love working in.”

Some of her other streaming-based projects include The Knock, Ashare Golpo and Thanda.

Recalling the beginning of her career in the industry, Nishat said:

“I was doing MBA when I started working in the industry, at that time I was regularly taking up television projects.”

The actress was praised by audiences for her role in Imraul Rafat’s Bhul Premer Golpo but she is aware of the TV industry’s decline.

She said: “Although these days fiction has become extremely view based, it makes me really upset.”

Despite that, Nishat Priom still believes in its potential.

“There is no variation in storytelling, sadly the ‘view’ trend is harming the industry. I don’t want to tag myself as a view-based artiste, I just want to become an artiste.”

Stating that OTT streaming platforms have been a fair medium so far, Nishat added:

“The best thing about OTT is that, in this medium, the story is the protagonist, and the operations are conducted in an extremely professional manner.

Daag will always be a special project for me.

“This is my first work with the director, and I loved sharing the screen with Mosharraf Karim. I consider him to be my mentor.”

Daag revolves around the barriers of society and how we need to overcome these obstacles to create a free atmosphere for everyone.

For Mosharraf KarimDaag marks his debut on Chorki.

He said: “We don’t want to keep a ‘Daag’ (blemish) in our minds, as it is something which reminds us of our mistakes.

“We may have come a long way, erasing many kinds of stains.

“However, there are still some blemishes present in our society that we have failed to remove.

“The story of these indelible spots is what the project is all about.

“The audience will discover me in a new way through this series. I am thankful to Chorki for giving me this opportunity.”

Tanim is studying MA in Communication, Culture, and Digital Media. Her favorite quote is " Figure out what you want and learn how to ask for it."

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