New UK Speeding Fines mean much Tougher Penalties

UK drivers will face tougher speeding fines, taking effect from today, 24th April 2017. It’s the latest step in tackling drivers speeding on UK roads.

New UK Speeding Fines mean much Tougher Penalties

"Drivers could be fined 150% of their weekly income if they get caught."

The Sentencing Council has introduced new UK speeding fines, resulting in much tougher penalties for those who get caught speeding. The change goes into effect from today, 24th April 2017.

Authorities hope that the updated penalties will reflect the serious nature of speeding and its devastating consequences.

Drivers could be fined 150% of their weekly income if they get caught, meaning they could face a maximum fine of £2,500. In addition, the toughest fines will go to those who speed on the motorway.

Elsewhere, drivers can expect to face fines of up to £1,000.

The UK Sentencing Council has designed a table to show how they divided the new speeding fines. They split up the ranges between Band A, B and C, where Band C remains as the toughest penalties.

Drivers face Band A fines and 3 points off their licence if they drive between:

  • 21-30mph in a 20mph zone.
  • 31-40mph in a 30mph zone.
  • 41-55mph in a 40mph zone.
  • 51-65mph in a 50mph zone.
  • 61-80mph in a 60mph zone.
  • 71-90mph in a 70mph zone.

In the next category, drivers face a Band B fine and 4-6 points off their licence or a ban from driving for 7-28 days if they drive between:

  • 31-40mph in a 20mph zone.
  • 41-50mph in a 30mph zone.
  • 56-65mph in a 40mph zone.
  • 66-75mph in a 50mph zone.
  • 81-90mph in a 60mph zone.
  • 91-100mph in a 70mph zone.

The final category will see driver receive a Band C fine and 6 points off their licence or a ban for 7-56 days if they drive between:

  • 41 and above in a 20mph zone.
  • 51 and above in a 30mph zone.
  • 66 and above in a 40mph zone.
  • 76 and above in a 50 mph zone.
  • 91 and above in a 60mph zone.
  • 101 and above in a 70mph zone.

New UK Speeding Fines mean much Tougher Penalties

The Sentencing Council made the updates to the previous speeding fines system as they felt it didn’t “reflect the potential harm” of speeding.

For years, many campaigns have been created to show drivers the tragic effects of speeding, such as permanent disabilities and even death.

Yet many still take the risks. Reports show that in 2015, approximately 167,000 people in England and Wales received speeding fines, with the average costing £188.

With this worryingly high figure, the Sentencing Council appear to try new tactics in tackling speeding by updating the fines.

They also revealed that courts can decide on the appropriate level of punishment to sentence drivers with. It will depend on factors such as previous convictions and even weather conditions.

Back in January 2017, Malcolm Richardson, national chairman of Magistrates Association welcomed the change. He said: “These new guidelines will further help ensure the consistent effectiveness of the magistracy.”

It remains to be seen, however, whether the new fines will create the expected result.

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