Indian Wrestler Anshu Malik breaks down over ‘Leaked Video’

An explicit video purportedly of Anshu Malik circulated online. While explaining the matter, the Indian wrestler broke down.

Indian Wrestler Anshu Malik breaks down over 'Leaked Video' f

"There was a conspiracy to defame me."

Anshu Malik broke down whilst breaking her silence on an explicit video purportedly of her.

A 30-second clip leaked online, showing a couple having sex.

The woman was seen in the video and based on her appearance, many believed it was the Indian freestyle wrestler.

After hearing about the video, Anshu’s father Dharamvir filed a police complaint in Haryana.

Meanwhile, Anshu’s uncle Sandeep Malik claimed the sextape was doctored using Anshu’s face.

He said: “The video is of a different girl and boy and it is around two years old.

“And the couple shown in the video are now husband and wife. The girl is from Himachal Pradesh and the boy is from Haryana. They are also wrestlers (local level).

“Anshu’s photo was used as a template in the video. We have demanded action against the person who did it.

“This is unacceptable… Anshu is a world-class wrestler yet someone is demeaning her name using fake and ugly methods.

“I am sure the police will crack the case soon. Our entire family is in shock right now.”

On Anshu’s current location, her uncle added:

“She got injured during Asiad trials and went to Chennai for rehabilitation. She is one of India’s medal prospects at next year’s Olympics.”

During a police investigation, officers determined that the explicit video had been doctored.

The man in the leaked sextape, and who posted the video, admitted his wrongdoing in a subsequent clip. He has since been arrested.

Anshu Malik has now taken to Instagram to speak about the arrest.

She said: “For the last few days, a fake video was made viral on social media. I should tell everyone that the girl who featured in the video is not me. There was a conspiracy to defame me.

“The boy in the video is from Haryana and the girl is from Himachal Pradesh. And they are in a relationship.

“The police has recorded their statements and posted them on social media. The boy who used my name has been arrested. And he has admitted his crime too.”

Breaking down over some of the comments she has received, Anshu continued:

“People are making dirty comments on me because of the video, but not questioning the people who made the video.

“Did they ever think how my parents and I will feel? We have been going through a mental trauma.”

“People who did not know the truth put the blame on me and made me a culprit in the society.

“People are hurling abuses at my medals and awards that I have won with a lot of hard work and dedication.

“I always dreamt of making the nation proud. My parents have quit their jobs to fulfil my dream.

“But people have forgotten all these and are sending me dirty and abusive messages without knowing the reality.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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