Indian Woman goes for Beach Stroll in Saree

An Indian woman has gone viral for wearing a saree whilst walking along the beach, surrounded by bikini-clad women.

Indian Woman goes for Beach Stroll in Saree f

"Proud to be an Indian."

In a viral video, an Indian woman stood out among several bikini-clad ladies by walking along a beach dressed in a saree.

It is believed that the woman was on holiday somewhere abroad.

The video shows the woman, believed to be Rajasthani, wearing a red and green saree on the beach while the blue sea is in the background.

Meanwhile, a group of young women in bikinis are walking behind her.

The woman smiles and continues to enjoy her walk while many beachgoers lounge around in the sand.

The woman stood out among the rest of the tourists.

A user shared the video, which had over 120,000 views, and seemingly trolled her for wearing a saree to the beach, writing:

“Hey Auntie, where have you gone?”

While the original post seemingly mocked the Indian woman, many were in awe of her confidence.

Many praised her for representing her Indian culture and felt it set an important example.

One user wrote: “The woman in the saree is the most beautiful.”

Another said: “Proud to be an Indian.”

A third person said: “When saree meets beach, shoes meets sand they gotta have some fun.

“A saree can convert a girl next door into an artist’s muse!

“Love it when a lady’s saree is made of grace, her jewellery is made of confidence and her heels are made of inner strength.”

Highlighting the woman’s Rajasthani heritage, one user said:

“Never underestimate the reach of a Rajasthani.”

One person praised the woman’s confidence, commenting:

“Need this level of confidence.”

One user wrote:

“She has grace, confidence, femininity and charm.”

A netizen pointed out the obvious differences between the woman’s saree and the bikini-wearing beachgoers.

The user wrote: “Difference between Indian culture and western, we should be proud of our culture.”

However, there were some social media users who took the opportunity to troll the Indian woman.

Some laughed at her for wearing a saree to the beach while others called her “odd”.

But many came to her defence, calling out the haters and stating that it is her choice what she wears.

One said: “I don’t find anything wrong with her dressing.

“Does it mean that beaches are places to show off your body parts only?

“Let them enjoy the way you wish to… a woman wearing a saree is kaki but those in 40-50s wearing bikini are divas. What’s wrong with today’s society?”

Another commented: “That’s the beauty of Indian culture, not vulgarity.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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