Feroze Khan looks ‘Unrecognisable’ in new Post

Feroze Khan shared his look from the set of his upcoming show ‘Akhara’. Fans said the actor looked “unrecognisable”.

Feroze Khan looks 'Unrecognisable' in new Post f

"Is this really Feroze Khan?”

Feroze Khan recently shared a post of himself from the set of Akhara, leaving his fans and followers both shocked and intrigued.

The image showcased a striking transformation, as fans claimed that he looked completely different from the Feroze Khan they knew.

In the post, Feroze Khan can be seen shirtless, standing in a boxing ring. His grown-out hair is all in disarray.

His face appears gritty and covered in perspiration, showcasing the intensity of his physical exertion.

He has undergone a physical transformation, displaying a much fitter physique compared to his previous appearances.

Naturally, this new look came as a major surprise to his fans, who were taken aback by the stark contrast to his previous image.

As a result, his comment section quickly became flooded with remarks.

One follower asked: “Is this really Feroze Khan?”

Another said: “Who is this? His face looks completely changed! How and when did this happen?”

One commented: “What is he turning into with each passing day?”

Another wrote: “I couldn’t recognise you for a second there.”

Feroze Khan previously faced an industry ban due to the domestic abuse allegations against him.

He is now making his grand return by shooting two dramas simultaneously – Khumar and Akhara.

Akhara is being directed by Anjum Shehzad under Green TV Entertainment. Anjum has already won numerous rewards, among which is Best TV Director for his drama Khani.

He has also numerous other hits including Khuda Aur Muhabbat, Mah e Mir and Rang Laaga.

The story of Akhara revolves around boxing, bringing something new to the Pakistani drama industry.

The cast includes Feroze Khan, Sonya Hussyn, Srha Asghar, Hina Afridi, Faraz Farooqi and Nida Mumtaz.


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Green TV Entertainment has been releasing teasers of the drama series for a month now.

Social media users found them to be brilliant and thrilling, sharing compliments.

One user said: “Omg! What a teaser!”

Another wrote: “Wow it’s so amazing!”

One commented: “Superclass teaser! Getting Bollywood vibes!”

With the cast members also posting pictures from the onset shoot, fans are now buzzing with anticipation. They expressed their excitement for the upcoming drama.

One fan wrote:

Akhara will make history I’m sure. Akhara will change the Pakistani drama industry completely.”

Another commented: “Just can not wait any longer!”

One said: “I am so excited! When will it release? I can’t wait!”

The photos shared by Feroze Khan have sparked curiosity around his character. Fans are now eagerly waiting for further updates on the release of Akhara.

Watch the Akhara Teaser


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