Esha Gupta’s Bikini Photos are getting Hotter

Esha Gupta hails as one of Bollywood’s sexiest starlets and her bikini photos are getting hotter by the day! Let’s glance through some of her best looks.

Esha's hot bikini looks

This is a truly breathtaking look, showcasing the natural beauty of this actress.

Esha Gupta hails as one of Bollywood’s hottest actresses – a title that she’ll likely keep judging by these sizzling bikini photos!

The 31-year-old set pulses racing when she appeared in a daring photoshoot. Featuring the starlet in a range of beautiful poses, wearing sultry lingerie and even going topless, she certainly broke the internet on Indian radars.

Now, she has once again turned the temperature up in a new collaboration; this time with GQ India. Esha tantalises fans with stunning bikini images that take our breath away.

Let’s go through some of her looks that are just getting hotter. Be prepared for plenty of sex appeal!

Soaking up the Rays

Esha relaxing by a pool

First, let’s take a look at this recent image from GQ India. Esha wears a gorgeous brown bikini, showcasing her beautiful figure. One can really appreciate her slim torso as she leans back into a swimming pool.

She dips her hair into the crystal-clear water, allowing us to gaze at her sultry pose. She accessorises her bikini with a chunky, gold necklace. Wrapped around her neck, it also extends down to her chest.

Esha wears immaculate contouring for makeup, along with caramel eyeshadow and a radiant lipgloss. With droplets caressing her body, the actress is hot and captivating.

Sizzling in Pink

Esha posing in a pink bikini

Taken during a photoshoot in 2016, Esha cuts a lustful pose with this tantalising bikini. This bright pink two-piece fits the B-Town celebrity beautifully; even showing a glimpse of her tattoo, depicting angel wings.

Jewellery adorns her body – shimmering, gold chains cover her wrists, ankles, feet and chest. Her short hair is volumised into gorgeous curls, ideal for this glamorous bikini look.

Overall, this is a truly breathtaking look, showcasing the natural beauty of this actress.

Sultry under the Sun

Black and white image of Esha

Esha doesn’t just sizzle in seductive bikinis; she knows how to work sensational swimsuits. Take this brilliant example, where the starlet stands tall, her hair swept back by a light breeze. Styled into loose curls, she gives us major hair goals.

In this black and white image, the celebrity wears a tight costume which accentuates her wonderful figure. With a low V-neck, held together with a criss-cross of laces, Esha tantalises her fans with this sultry pose.

She keeps her jewellery simple; only a chunky, white bracelet adorns her arm. Keeping the focus on this dazzling swimsuit.

Sexy and Daring

Esha wearing red bikini and denim jacket

From a grey swimsuit to a hot, red bikini, the model presents a daring look at her GQ India photoshoot. She pairs this luscious two-piece with a denim jacket and flawlessly manicured nails. Water drips down her torso, injecting sex appeal.

Once again, we can’t take our eyes off Esha’s beautiful hairstyle. She styles her tresses into flowing waves, resting perfectly on her shoulders. Adding golden, hooped earrings, these add definition and attitude.

One feels a sense of female empowerment with the model’s pose. Taking on the typically-seen ‘male’ posture, she blends beauty and power in this amazing image.

Bikini Babe

Esha in a tropical bikini

Esha shows her glorious figure in this refreshing, tropical bikini. A two-piece decorated with images of palm trees, sand and sea, it looks the ideal swimwear for an exotic holiday!

We particularly love her necklace, matching the theme with beautiful seashells.

The model also wears a cream garment, covering her arms but billows out into the background. Shielding our eyes from the powerful rays of the Sun, it means we can take in Esha’s enchanting bikini look.

Cheeky in Blue

Esha in a blue swimsuit

The actress shows us once again she sizzles in swimsuits! Wearing the same outfit from her black-and-white image, she looks utterly hot with the backdrop of a clear crystal ocean behind her.

Feeling risque, Esha pulls at one of her shoulder straps, tantalising her fans by showing more of her cleavage. She leans against a stone pillar, whilst raising one of her slim legs to create an intriguing pose.

With slight perspiration on her luxurious skin, Esha raises the temperature with this sexy image.

Dazzling Model


Esha in the water

With this final look, Esha doesn’t need to do much to ooze sex appeal. Wearing a black, ribbed swimsuit, she lowers the zip for a glimpse of her voluptuous curves. As she strides across this lavish swimming pool, she sweeps her chestnut locks to one side.

She matches her outfit with a bejewelled bracelet, reading out the words: “Love”. With luscious lashes, smokey eyeshadow and a nude lip, the actress looks incredible and vivavious!

Glancing through these 7 looks of Esha Gupta, she hails as our bikini inspiration. Wearing a sexy array of swimwear, she really is getting hotter and hotter!

We can’t wait to see more of her stunning photoshoots. From gorgeous gowns to these racy bikinis, the Bollywood is one of our favourite style icons.

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Images courtesy of Esha Gupta Official Instagram and Indian Tribune.