Bilal Saeed unveils Poster for ‘Udh Di Phiran’

Bilal Saeed has unveiled a poster for his upcoming song ‘Udh Di Phiran’, collaborating with Sunanda Sharma.

Bilal Saeed unveils Poster for 'Udh Di Phiran' f

“Woah! This is going to be a beautiful collaboration!”

Bilal Saeed has unveiled the poster for his upcoming song ‘Udh Di Phiran’.

The song promises to showcase a love without boundaries and sees Bilal come together with Sunanda Sharma in this musical delight.

The poster boasts a slick-looking Bilal in a leather jacket and sunglasses, whilst Sunanda Sharma is seen resting her hand on his shoulder.

Bilal released the poster on his Instagram page and wrote a brief description of his new number.

He wrote: “Love knows no boundaries, and music has the power to bridge even the deepest divides.

“Udh Di Phiran is a heartfelt expression of love, longing, and the indescribable emotions that come with it.

“Sunanda I am honoured and thrilled to be the first one you have collaborated with, and happy to share that it was equally exciting for me.”

Fans of the singer came forward to express their excitement for this new song and many asked about the release date.

One fan expressed their eagerness by commenting:

“Woah! This is going to be a beautiful collaboration!”

Another said: “Unexpected, but so happy. Eagerly waiting for this.”

Bilal Saeed unveils Poster for 'Udh Di Phiran'

Bilal Saeed is a well-known Pakistani artist who has made his name in the music industry with his excellent compositions and praiseworthy vocals.

He began his career in 2010 with his smash hit ‘Bara Saal’ and from then on, Bilal has gone from strength to strength in his musical career, also making a mark in Bollywood.

Bilal was recently seen in Birmingham with Guru Randhawa, an encounter that sent fans into a frenzy seeing the two sensations together.

A photograph of the two quickly went viral on social media.

In a video of the two singers meeting, the artists are seen hugging one another and having a conversation.

The video is a visual example of unity in music, which brings people together, irrespective of where they hail from.

Both Bilal and Guru Randhawa have earned themselves a name in their respective music industries for their soulful melodies.

This is not the first time Bilal has collaborated with a Punjabi artist from across the border.

He has also teamed up with Neha Kakkar, Bohemia and Amrinder Gill in the past.

There was also a collaboration between Gurdas Maan, Abrar-ul-Haq and Sukhshinder Shinda in 2006, which became a huge hit with music lovers.

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